Swedenborg Who?

Being a teacher, it is no surprise I value education, and expect my children to do well in school.  Did I hold these same values when I was younger?  Absolutely not!  I could have cared less about education.  I also have to admit that I didn’t care about spirituality either.  Sure, I was brought up in a Christian home and was MADE to go to church, but I hated every minute of it.  As I grew up and became an adult myself, I believed in God, and went to church, just because that was what good people should do, but I didn’t get anything out of church.  It was more for show than educational purposes.

Over my life, many things have happened to make me push away from the church.  I grew up in a small community where there was an obvious separation between the Catholics and Protestants.  Of course, I was only educated on the views of my parents, which I am thankful for today.  My parents were probably very open minded for their time and nearing the end of my time growing up in this small community I witnessed the Catholics and Protestants starting to get together for certain events and I really loved seeing this happen.

As my life ticked on, and I started to get exposed to much more than my small little community, I also started to become more educated as well.  I became aware that there is so much in this world, and universe that I don’t know.  When I was younger my father tried to make me see this, but I didn’t want to listen.  He would joke that there is more to read than Archie Comics, but that was the stage of my life I was in and didn’t care about educating myself.  Now, I can’t stop reading books, watching educational videos and listening to radio and pod casts on the topic of religion and spirituality.  It totally fascinates me.

I have many different people that I listen to on a daily basis, but my favorite person who has broadened my horizons on the world of spirituality is Emmanuel Swedenborg.  Sweden-Who, you may ask?  He is a genius of all facets of science from the 18th century who was headed for great things.  Why haven’t you heard of him?  Why isn’t he famous like Einstein?  I guess when you have as many spiritual experiences as he had, and wrote as many books about his experience that he did, people just think you are crazy.  That is how our cruel world works.  Someone is claiming that they voyage to the afterlife daily so the world discredit his intelligence.

From my experience as a teacher, and through my own growth as a person, I never discredit anyone’s intelligence, nor do I frown or judge people for the experiences they share.  Swedenborg gave up all his fame and fortune as an accredited scientist to spread the word about his spiritual experiences that he received through God in his dreams and even published his books and gave them out for free.  He was obedient in following what God told him to do.  Where did it get him?  Nowhere in his time, but years later, many people are valuing his work and I am definitely one of them.

Acts 2:17 says, “And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh, and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams;”

If you want to take a look at Swedenborg’s dreams that he started to have in his later years of life you can tap on the link below.  It’s called Swedenborg 101, and it just one of many of these videos that opens up new possibilities to the world of spirituality.  One that, like me, you might have been tainted from or under-educated on.  Today, I value education above all else, and to me, everyone should be educated in Swedenborg.  Take the time to watch him today!