Wise Men

‘Tis the season to be jolly, eat lots and lots of food until we can’t move, spend time with family and friends we barely ever see, sing Christmas songs, wrap presents, and talk about the Christmas story.  Every Christmas the story of the birth of the baby Jesus is pounded into our brains.  Some may even think that it is overdone.

As I’m listening to the story and reliving it again, some how my focus shifted to that of wise men.  You may wonder why the wise men?  Well, I love the story of the birth, but I just find the wise men to be fascinating.  Probably because on my search for knowledge myself, I have fallen in love with the ideas and perspectives of many wise men.

There are multiple wise men that we could all learn so much from.  Men that have shared their knowledge with us through their writing, videos, audio tapes, and pod casts.  I can’t for the life of me understand why more people aren’t seeking out the knowledge of these wise men!  But then when I look back over two thousand years ago, out of all the people in the world only three wise men made their way to the celebration of the birth of Baby Jesus.  So many people in Jesus’ time were not open to the idea that the Messiah was born.  The same is true with the world today.  Many people are closed to the ideas of others and don’t feel that God has been working through people in our times too.

Wise men were around way before the birth of Jesus.  Lao Tzu is one of my favorite old wise men that I’ve read lots about, and I appreciate his words of wisdom.  His works date back to late 4th century BC, so he’s really, really old, but somehow his work is still alive today.

I really love the book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, “Living the Wisdom of the Tao Te Ching” which was another very wise man, Dr. Dyer, who took the work of Lao Tzu’s and explained the meaning of each verse of the Tao to us in a more understandable and applicable manner.  I’m sure Dr. Dyer is a very special chosen mystic of our time.

This is one of my favorite quotes from this book, “What follows is what Lao-tzu might say to you, based upon his writing of the eighth verse of the Tao Te Ching: When you’re free to flow as water, you’re free to communicate naturally—information is exchanged, and knowledge advances in a way that benefits everyone. Be careful not to assign yourself a place of importance above anyone else. Be receptive to everyone, particularly those who may not routinely receive respect, such as the uneducated, homeless, or troubled members of our society. Go to the “low places loathed by all men,” and have an open mind when you’re there. Look for the Tao in everyone you encounter, and make a special effort to have acceptance, gentleness, and kindness course through you to others.

Doesn’t this sum up the whole “love your neighbor” commandment?  Isn’t it amazing that other religions are taught the same basic truths that Christians are?  Could it be that Christians are very close minded and aren’t very accepting of other religions?   God just wants us all to love one another.  End of story!

These are just two of the wise men that I involve in my world on a weekly basis.  There are many more who I love.  Swedenborg, who I’ve already wrote a blog about.  Joel Osteen–Who can ever get enough of his motivational words?  Gary Habermas is another wise man who deserves recognition and if you have the time, search him up on Youtube, he has many great videos on proving the resurrection of Jesus.  I find his work incredible.  St. Germaine is another wise man who I recommend to many people.  His books are a must in my personal library.  I’ve read them over and over again. My last wise man that I think everyone should know about is Joel S. Goldsmith and his take on life, the Bible and his idea of the “Infinite Way”.

Wise men are exactly what the 8th verse of the Tao is explaining to us.  We have to be receptive to new ideas and look for the good in everyone and everything.  Information is exchanged and knowledge advances if we keep an open mind to everything and don’t be ridged in thoughts, including spirituality.  Just let the ideas of others, run over you like water.  If you want, you can let the water bring life to this knowledge and let it revive your old dried up ideas.  Or you can let it roll off you like the pavement that is very ridged and not ready to let water sink in.

Isaiah 44:3 explains, “Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men.”

I feel we all should be ready to absorb the water and knowledge that is so readily available in this world today and offered by many wise men.  Absorb what you want, and let other things roll off of you, but before you digest the information, you have to first open you heart and mind.  The universe is such a grand place to have such a closed mind.