Peace On Earth Goodwill Toward Yourself

I love all the magic that comes along with Christmas.  All the hopes and dreams of the young and old alike, but as it nears closer to Christmas, I’m starting to wonder—what ever happened to the peace on earth, goodwill towards men?  Have you watched the news lately?  I try not too because I love living in my own little bubble, but the world is a crazy place.

Even the world in my little bubble can be a crazy place.  I have students at school attacking other student’s sexuality.  Others are attacking their nationalities and of course there is always the, my-religion-is-better-than-your-religion debates.  Why can’t we all just get along?

I’ve made it a rule in my class that there is absolutely no talk about the above three things about another person.  People can’t help their nationality or sexuality, it sacred to them and religion is a chose and a belief that should never be attacked.  Believe, don’t believe that is your choice.  All I want is this “peace on earth goodwill towards men” that people talk about.  That is it!

However, I feel that we can’t have peace on earth until we finally make peace with ourselves.  How can we spread peace, if we don’t have peace to give?  As I was reading 2 Kings 9, it was talking about peace.  There couldn’t be peace in Israel because of Jezebel’s influence.  If you’ve never heard of Jezebel, she was married to King Ahab and was a very nasty woman, out only for herself.

This is the same for us.  We cannot have peace in ourselves until we get rid of Jezebel’s influence too.  I feel Jezebel is symbolic to our egos and the evil that dwells in our souls.  How can we have peace on earth, if we can’t even have peace in our own soul?  We have to stop having evil thoughts, feelings and actions towards others so our personal “earth” can have peace and goodwill to give to our fellow man.

It was idolatry that sucked Israel into demonic practices, and if you’ve read my blog before, I believe that Israel is symbolic to ourselves.  We are all Israel, and we are all worshiping other things besides the Lord.  I know I’m guilty of spending too much time on the internet, whether it is Facebook, Pinterest, or online shopping.  It is time that I could be doing much more productive things instead of infesting my brain with worthless knowledge.

In 2 Kings 9:32-34 in explains that Jezebel’s own officials threw her out of the second story window and then more of her people drove their horses over her.  She might have been royalty but definitely didn’t deserve to be queen of Israel, nor does she need to be queen over us!  We have to stop letting Jezebel, or evil forces control our lives.  You, like Jezebel’s servants have the power to throw evil out of your life and run over it.

The final two verse in 2 Kings 9:36-37 really puts it bluntly, “When they reported this to Jehu, he said, “this is what the Lord said would happen, when he spoke through his servant Elijah: ‘Dogs will eat Jezebel’s body in the territory of Jezebel.  Her remains will be scattered there like dung, so that no one will be able to identify them.’”

Let your evil thoughts, feelings and actions be scattered like Jezebel’s remains, and then you will finally be able to feel peace and goodwill in your own special world.  Until we can get this in our little bubbles we are never going to see it happen on earth.  Evil has no place in you, unless of course you are a person like Jezebel, and as you can read, her life didn’t go so well.

We all have choices.  Choose peace and goodwill towards yourself!  Then maybe we will finally see this Christmas miracle come to pass!

Merry Christmas!