New Year, New You

This is such an exciting time of the year!  New Year!  New ideas!  Time to make changes in your life to better yourself, your life and the life of those around you.  Every year I love coming up with an idea of something that I know I can actually accomplish and not just do for a few days, and then not be able to keep.  My favorite New Year’s Resolution so far was giving myself some alone time every single day.

Alone time.  You may think, “Ya, right!  I’m a busy mom and don’t have time for myself ever!”  I was there once too.  When I first had children, I never imagine that for years to follow, I would not even have a chance to go the bathroom by myself.  I’m finally just getting some alone time, and I’m loving every minute of this special time, even if it means that I get up an hour earlier than the rest of my family and two hours before I have to leave for work.  It is something that must be done.

To me this is the most valuable time in my day.  Some days, especially on the weekend when our family schedule is skewed a bit, and I think I have lots of time to get my alone time after.  It never fails that this idea never works out, and then I feel lost without my alone time.  I’ve learned to just get up at the same time every day, even the weekends.  I can always grab an afternoon nap but I can’t control if company drops in, or my husband feels like cleaning the garage unexpectedly.

Did you ever notice how the lives of a busy mom or dad mirrors that of the life of Jesus?  He went straight out from day to night.  He healed.  He taught.  He parented.  He doctored.  He produced meals out of almost nothing.  He protected.  He did everything and even more than mothers and fathers of today.

One of the important things that he included in his days after he did all these great deeds, was he went alone to pray.  Luke 5:16, “But Jesus often withdrew to the wilderness for prayer.” 

How many of us busy moms or dads take the time to withdraw from life and pray or meditate?  Not too many people I know.  I wish I had of learned the peace and tranquility it would have brought to my life a lot earlier than last year.  I think I would have enjoyed all the stages of my children more.  I think I would have had more patience for my family and I feel like I could have been a more serving mother if I had of taken more time for myself.  I know I would have been a better teacher and a better friend.  I would have been just a better all-around person.

Time for yourself doesn’t mean going on an escape shopping trip with the girls, or a golf trip with the boys.  Sure, that is a bonus and should also be a part of everyone’s life, but time for myself is something that has to be included to every single day of the year.

That is why I’m challenging you to make this your New Year’s Resolution for this new coming year.  Start by setting your alarm clock for 10 minutes earlier than normal.  Force yourself out of bed and if you have to, ask God to give you the energy to get up.  He will give it to you.  I’ve been there many mornings.

Trust me, by the time the year is over, you will be craving more and more alone time, like me, and then find yourself up an hour earlier than you have to be, just to spend time praying, meditating and giving gratitude for every little thing in your life.  Out of all my years of setting resolutions, this would have to be my favorite.  Please, give it a try and watch your days become less stressful, more joyful and abundant.