Inside Happiness

Do you enjoy alone time?  I never used to until lately!  I always wanted to be surrounded by people.  The more the merrier.  I loved once I had children, because then I was never alone.  I always had someone with me while I was shopping, cleaning, sleeping—geeze, I didn’t even get to go to the bathroom alone for the longest time.  They were constantly around me.

Now that they are growing older, and have lives of their own, I’m starting to be alone more often, but I am loving it.  Mostly because I also have found the amazing art of meditation, but I have finally found what I’ve been searching for!  Me!

For decades now, I’ve been looking outside of myself for everything.  All the answers to my life’s problems I thought were going to be found in a book, on a documentary, or even from the advice of a friend.  Now, however, I am learning that I have an internal instinct that will answer all of my questions and fulfill all of my desires as long as I sit alone and tap into this natural born instinct.

We all have it!  We are all able to find our answers inside of ourselves.  Think about it.  Where are you reading this blog?  Inside yourself.  If you are reading this out loud, where do you hear it?  Inside yourself.  If reading this blog stirs up any emotions, where do you feel them?  Inside of yourself.

Nothing that you ever witness in this world is ever outside of yourself.  It is all within.  Have you ever experienced pain and pleasure that hasn’t happened within you?  Happiness and sorrow happens within you.  Hunger and fullness happen within you.  Everything you experience in this life is all inside of you!

My interpretation of something is going to be totally different than someone else’s interpretation.  Why?  Because what I interpret is within me, and what you interpret is within you and these interpretations can be totally different for both of us.  It’s all how we choose to look at it within ourselves.

My question to you today is, who is in control of how you interpret these things that are felt inside of you?  Does your spouse’s annoying habits happen inside of you?  No, then why are you letting them get to you?  Are your children’s demanding personalities happening inside of you?  I don’t think so, so stop letting them stress you out!  Is your co-worker’s abrasive nature happening inside of you?  Absolutely not, so don’t let them bother you.  Stop letting things rob you of your happiness when you are the one who controls them!

If you start taking control what is happening inside of you, your whole experience of life on this planet will change!  Your surroundings are not your choice sometimes, but what happens in these surroundings with your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and how you handle situations are all yours.  Nobody else’s!

When I am having a hard time dealing with my situation or surroundings, I do love turning for the knowledge that is found within the pages of the bible, but there are many different spiritual educational text out there to choose from.  James 1:2-4, explains, “Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”

We have to start looking at everything we encounter daily as a joy.  From the little things your spouse might do to bother you, your demanding children, to the annoying co-worker that you have to work with every day!  You have to take this new year, to take charge of the inside of YOU!  Stop letting the trials that we face make us upset.  Only you are 100 percent in charge of how you react, how you feel, what makes you angry, what scares you, or what depresses you.  They are all yours!  Start finding the joy, in everything instead of the faults.  Only you are able to bring yourself joy.  Nobody else.  It all starts in the inside of you.

Start making some alone time in your daily life, to start nursing your insides.  All your answers of happiness are found deep inside of you.  Start your search today!