King of the Mountain

The snow is really starting to pile up outside, and it brings such great new activities to us Canadians!  Snowmobiling, skiing, snowshoeing, sliding and one of my favorites, King of the Mountain.  Who doesn’t love being at the top of the hill and chucking people back down the mountain as they try to dethrone you off your reign at the top of the pile of snow?  Kids of all ages love this old, yet violent game and it can be a lot of fun until someone gets hurt.

I used to love playing it.  The challenge of trying to push someone down the hill, and the feeling of being airborne and rolling back down the hill uncontrollably that was accompanied by uncontrollable laughter as well.  Climbing back up that hill again to take another attempt at the silliness, only to get defeated another time.  Then you would brush the snow off you and try again.  It was just so much fun.

As I watch children play this game as an adult, it really got me thinking about the book of 2 Kings that I’ve been reading in my morning quiet time.  Every day, I read about another king and how they ruled Israel for such and such amount of time, but they sinned against the Lord and then died.  Usually these kings all worshipped other gods like Baal, and failed in their reign over Israel.

This is all such a metaphor.  How many of us go through the exact same thing in our own minds.  We go through a time when we are younger where we believe whole heartedly there is a God.  He’s the King of our Mountain.  Our king that is reigning at this time of our life has such innocents and hope.  But then we hit adolescence and start to question the world around us, a new king starts to reign our brains.  Some start worshipping other gods at this point, and become very egocentric.  This is when we really get kicked down our mountain.

As our years pass, our king may die, and another king takes over.  This time we might be still egocentric, maybe not as much, but we still put ourselves above all.  We are still trying to win this game of “King of the Mountain” but we are climbing back up our hill of life trying to take another crack at the person at the top, only to get pushed down again.

Now, life is starting to get painful, and our attack plan isn’t working the way our controlling personalities wanted it to work.  We want another new king in our world.  We let new beliefs take over and start on another approach at this mountain of life, trying to attack at a different angle.  This doesn’t get us any further than the first few kings that we had.

Finally, after painfully falling down the mountain many times and realizing our way isn’t working we deciding that maybe…just maybe the way to the top of the mountain is to let go of our egocentric nature and just start helping the guy who is the King of the Mountain.  We don’t need a king, we already had one all along.  We need to let this original King reign, and let go of all our selfishness and pride.  Stop worshiping worldly gods like, money, power, fame, fortune, being the best and having the best.  We also have to give up our need for control over our mountain, it isn’t ours to control in the first place.  Instead of trying to get ahead of everybody, we need to help people get up their own mountain.

This life is not about us pushing the guy off the top of the mountain, it is about helping the guy at the top.  The faster we learn this, the faster we will reach our mountain top and happily live there.  Life isn’t about getting ahead of the next guy, it’s about getting ahead of ourselves and controlling our ego.  We all have a kingdom inside of ourselves, and we can reign our kingdom with the help from the guy at the top.  First we have to find the kingdom inside of us, because we are all children of God and share the kingdom.  If  we would just open our eyes to see this incredible world inside of each and every one of us.

Luke 17:21 tells us, “The kingdom of God is within you”…are you letting the right King reign inside of you?  Stop the fight.  There is no need to climb or make a different game plan.  Relax and let it all unfold the way it is supposed to.  Our castle is already under great control, you just have to let go of your need to control your life and let the most amazing King reign your world!