Calorie Counting

Since the New Year arrived, I decided I would start counting my calories.  For those of you who know me, you might think I am crazy, but my family and I are heading to Cuba for the March Break and I decided this would be a good resolution to put in place for the New Year before I hit the beach.

Thank goodness for technology!  I downloaded an app that takes my weight now, and I put in my goal weight and then how much I want to lose by the date and it tells me how many calories that I can eat a day.  It’s super easy to use, and I’m actually enjoying this new venture that I am on.

I am fortunate I’ve never had a weight problem and could eat whatever I wanted to eat, but these last few weeks have been an eye opening experience.  I learned that my favorite cupcakes are 380 calories per cupcake.   My favorite meal…a poutine is over 500 calories.  I only have a budget of 1227 calories a day, which definitely makes me rethink putting that cupcake or poutine into my body when I realize how much of a gash they take out of my daily allowance.

Of course, I can increase my calorie count by exercising more.  Every bit of exercise allows me to put more food into my body, which make it that much more enticing to exercise.  There is now a correlation between exercise and my ability to eat the food I love.

Since I started counting calories and being aware of the amount of junk I put in my body, it has made me be accountable for my decisions.  My decision on whether I should exercise or not.  It’s my choice on what I should eat or not.  I’m even now contemplating what I should have to drink because what we drink is often filled with empty calories too.

Isn’t this symbolic of our lives.  Imagine if we had an app to count our emotional daily life.  Something that we could add our life stresses to and it had a counter to tell us when we are letting negativity into our lives that our brain doesn’t need or we’ve had our limit of stress, and we needed to add exercise…or spiritual work to our day to help us add or deal with our emotional chaos.

We all have it.  You aren’t alone.  Sure some of us have less than others, and some people deal with stress easier than others, but the fact remains we all have it.  What you do with it, is your choice.  Just like deciding to eat your favorite cupcake that is going to put you over your limit, it is your decision.

I love the verse in Proverbs 14:10, “Your joy is your own; your bitterness is your own.  No one can share them with you.”  Just like the calories that I am counting, they are all my own.  Nobody else can burn them off for me.  Nobody else is responsible for what I put in my mouth but me.  I can be joyful and hit the elliptical so I can happily eat my cupcake, or I can be bitter and wallow in my own self-pity.

The same in life.  I can be joyful that I’m in the stage of my life I am in, and realize, it is just a stage, and things will change, or I can be bitter and make the stage of my life unbearable for myself and the ones around me.  No one else is responsible for how I react to my life situation, but me.

If you use spirituality instead of exercise it will not only lower your stress level and anxiety but it will help you through these horrible stages that we all have to go through.  These stages, just like exercise for my calorie counting app is used to help strengthen ourselves mentally and emotionally.  We don’t realize sometimes what we are letting seep into our brains from our lives that we face daily.  Negativity that our bodies do not need, just like empty calories.

Free yourself from these empty calories, and make wiser choices from what you are letting your brain eat up.  Your brain doesn’t need needless stresses to process so don’t let them in.  If they get in, use your spirituality exercises to help get them out or give you more room in your brain to function.  If only I could create an app for this…I’d be rich!