The Month of Love

February already!  Where did the month of January go?  I always find the first three months of the year long due to the weather with dreary days and cold temperatures, but when you keep yourself busy this time of the year, time will fly.

I do love the month of February.  The stores, commercials and internet are all littered with advertisements promoting love and Valentine’s Day.  Love is such a wonderful emotion.  I’m the type of personality that enjoys these things, but many people aren’t lovers of this holiday that celebrates the love in our lives.

I can understand why some people despise this time of the year.  We all have our hardships, and sometimes love-gone-wrong can definitely leave scars in our hearts and minds that cut deep into our souls.  It’s hard to celebrate a holiday when you don’t have this inside of you to give because someone or something along the way sucked this out of your spirit.  We can’t give what we don’t have.  Right?

The sad part is, we were all created to love.  It’s our number one commandment to love our God with all our hearts, and the second most important is to love each other the same as we love ourselves.  How many of us can actually say that we love each other as much as we love ourselves?  This is our problem.  We love ourselves more than we love anything else in this world.  Or is it that we don’t even love ourselves?

If you are one of these people who hate Valentine’s Day and all that goes along with it, did you go through a tough time and have your love robbed from your spirit?  If so, this is a horrible experience.  I’m sure it was nasty what you went through.  Your heart is your most precious system in your body, and having it broken is devastating.  You have banished the love in your heart and replaced it with the fear of being hurt again.  That is totally natural.  A defense mechanism that your body is going through, and rightfully so.

This fear that your system has created is robbing you of the joy of being all you’ve been created to be.  It’s depriving your world of enjoying this incredible month of love and spreading love to others in your daily life.  Your past experiences might have you believing that you are inadequate, or limited when it comes to love, but this is not true.

The fear you have created is just a myth.  It’s not real.  An illusion so to speak.  Your body’s way of protecting itself from the elements.  Heartbreak.  Fear you will fail at love again.  Failure is not real either.  It is just a method of analyzing your situation.  Nothing fails.  You just use the results of a situation to make the proper adjustments.

This is the where we all go wrong.  We let fear and failure intrude into our hearts and then our heart can’t let out the love that it has to give.  You can’t change your past or your experiences, but you can change your fear.  If you let go of your fear and allow love to come out of you, you will get love back in return.

Romans13:10 tells us, “If you love others, you will never do them wrong; to love, then, is to obey the whole Law.”  This is what life is all about.  Loving others.  If you give love, you will receive love.  If you let fear of failure leak into your spirit that is what you will get back in your life.  Take a risk and go back to loving like you did before your hurtful experiences and you will start to feel the difference that it will make in your month of February.

This February, try taking a different attitude about the month.  Instead of closing the door on love, close the door on your fear of failure.  Only let love in that door and it might just surprise you what comes knocking!  Happy February everyone!