February Challenge

Have you ever explored the wonderful world of Near Death Experience stories?  I am fascinated on the subject, and these encounters have been going on since the beginning of time.  They are just incredible and powerful how people that are on death’s door encounter a spiritual world that is so different than ours here on Earth.

I also love how they report an incredible amount of wisdom, understand and love in this other world.  There is no judgment or condemnation.  We are aware of the horrible things we did, and review it and judge ourselves, but it’s not like the world we live in.

Wisdom, understand and love are all very powerful elements but since it’s the month of February, I wanted to just look at the power of love.  This is the element that really stands out in most NDE recounts.  Many report they were enveloped in love that was far beyond a love they have ever encountered before.  They also tell their stories about meeting up with individuals they are familiar with in the spiritual world who are mostly concerned about the teaching of love.  These fortunate people who experienced this realm are expected to return to our world and bring back love and make it clear that love is the only thing that exists.

These encounters to this spiritual world change these people’s lives forever.  They come to realize that the trivial things in this world do not matter.  The only thing that matters is love.  These NDE-ers also find it difficult to put the love that they learned in their experience from the spiritual world into practice here in this world, probably because our sad, superficial world, isn’t receptive to such a great kind of love.

It’s not surprising that most of these lucky people who visit this spiritual world realize that God really does exist along with the incredible power and love he has for us all.  They make it very apparent that we have God to thank for every minute that we have on earth and that given the enormous importance of love – love is the foundation of life’s meaning. In Colossians 3:14 “And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.”

Are you feeling the importance of love in your life?  Are you in the belief that love is the foundation of life’s meaning for you while you are on your life’s journey in this world?  I know I wasn’t expelling much love for a long period of my life.  I had let bitterness and resentment for many beliefs, situations and people build a wall around me.  I wasn’t going to give out any more love because I felt everyone was selfish and taking advantage of me.  I wasn’t appreciated!

It wasn’t until something happened in my life that make me learn what a horrible person I had let myself become due to things that were going on in my life.  I had it all wrong.  I was the one that was selfish and trying to take advantage of any situation I could.  I was the opposite of love!

Some NDE experiencers realize this in their visit to the spiritual world too.  One I read about reported that the things he hated in other people were really the things that he didn’t like about himself, but couldn’t see these qualities in himself.  It is much easier for us to judge others and elude ourselves into thinking we are nothing like that.  Reality alert!

After I started following the learnings that these NDE-ers brought back from the spiritual world and changing my life accordingly things changed in my world.  My heart changed.  I started to learn and understand love and realized that life is our opportunity to express and experience love, not try to get as much out of this world as we can.  This was quite the opposite.  We should be giving as much love as we can.

Only love is real, unconditional love.  Our job here on Earth is to help others find love and joy.  You might read this blog and think I’m crazy.  I was in your shoes at one time too, but life will teach you the same way it taught me, along with all these NDE-ers, if you are open to learn.  It’s just a matter of time.  Instead of going against this love current relax and ride the wave of love and experience the reason we were put in this world.  To love!  How could you change your life this month of February to bring more love to this world?

I’m challenging you to try it for the month and see if you see a difference in your world.  Get rid of all your negative emotions and replace them all with love.  I’m confident you will notice a big change.  Enjoy!