Since the month of February is upon us, and we are all in the mood of love, I thought I would use this month to continue talking about this subject.  It’s easy to love lovable people, but I want to focus today’s blog on the people in our lives that make it difficult to love them.

We are told many times in the Bible to love our enemy.  Geeze, they even want us to pray for our enemy.  How does one come up with a loving prayer for these people when it is hard to even come up with a loving thought?  This is one area I know I need to continue to work at, but it is a work in progress.

It helps when I dive into the Bible and read great stories of incredible people and their choices to rise above their enemies and be the bigger person.  Today, I was studying 1 Samuel 24 and learned how David was hiding in a cave from King Saul, who was extremely jealous of David’s success as a warrior resulting in the king wanting to kill him so that he didn’t outshine him any longer.  Even though the hunt for David went on through many chapters, this was the chapter when it all came to a peek.

Saul went into a cave to relieve himself while on his quest to kill David and low and behold, it was the cave that David and all his men were hiding in.  David’s men were all encouraging him to kill Saul.  His men were convincing him that the Lord brought him his enemy to give David victory over this nasty man.

Did David kill Saul?  Did he treat his enemy the way he would have like to have treated him?  Did he bow down No, instead he cut off a piece of his coat and when Saul left the cave, David ran out of the cave chasing behind his enemy.  Not only did he chase him out of the cave, he bowed down to the ground in respect to this man that everyone knew was out to kill David.

How many of us in an even lighter situation would do anything the same?  I know friendships that are severed over much more trivial incidents all because one friend got bitter and couldn’t forgive the other.  Or co-workers that don’t get along because one person doesn’t like the way the other one dresses.  Some people don’t like other people because of their sexuality or race.  We all have our reasons for not liking people, but are they valid reasons?  Or petty?

I loved what David said to Saul when he came out of the cave to make amends.  In 1 Samuel 24:13, “You know the old saying, Evil is done only by evil people.” 

In the end, Saul admits to David, in verse 19, “How often does someone catch an enemy and then let him get away unharmed?  The Lord bless you for what you have done to me today!”

It’s time for all of us to start taking on the attitude of David and show love and respect for our enemies–or people in our world that we “think” are our enemies.  Just like I’ve said before–fear is not real, hate is not real, failure is not real either.  It is a perception that you build in your world or mind about someone, something or some race, religion or choice.

Use this great month of love to houseclean your brain of all this unreal, negative thought patterns that you have developed over the years and start seeing people like David sees people.  I don’t know if I totally agree with the old saying that David remind Saul about in this chapter.  Evil is done only by evil people, because I don’t believe that any of us are evil.  We might have evil thoughts but we aren’t evil people.

Try starting today not only to pray for love towards your enemy but also that you will change your thoughts to see the love inside every one of us.  Everyone has their story—just like David and Saul, and sometimes you don’t know what people are going through.  If you smother them in love and respect, as David did with Saul, you might just be surprised on the reaction of your enemy.