Deserve to Serve

Do you deserve love?  Do you deserve happiness?  Do you deserve success?  Did you answer yes to any of these questions?  If so, we might have a difference of opinion and I will try my best to explain why I feel this way.  It’s just to plant a seed, not to try and convince you differently.  If you think you deserve all these things, than you are more than welcomed to think this.

If you think this way, you may have a lot in common with Donald Trump!  I heard him say the other day in a speech to his American citizens that he is going to take back what is rightfully theirs.  America.  Nothing on this earth is rightfully anyone’s.  We came into this life with nothing and we leave this world with the same thing.  We have rights to nothing.

I want you to picture people that you find are loving.  Maybe it’s your mother or father, or that co-worker that just found new love.  Better yet.  Think about when you and your spouse first fell in love.  Whatever pops into your mind, what are your thoughts?

Your thoughts are what creates your feelings.  Your opinion.  Your reality.  This is how you are going to respond to anything about love.  Just like anything else in our universe, your thoughts of love are a form of energy.  If the thought of love is giving you a negative feeling, then it is going to give back a negative reaction.

We all know Newton’s Law of Physics.  For every action, you have an equal and opposite reaction.  If you have a negative thought on love, you are going to get negativity back at you.  The same is if you feel you “deserve” love.  You “deserve” happiness.  That is the same negative energy that you don’t want in your world.

Instead of feeling like you deserve love, try serving with love.  Give love away.  Smother others in love.  Be a serving person, not a deserving person!

Start with being more loving toward yourself.  This doesn’t mean letting your ego rule your decisions and feeling the world owes you something.  Remember you attract the energy you send out.  You send out gimmie energy, that is what you attract back.  Instead, think loving, respectful, empowering thoughts about yourself and build up this kind of energy in your life.

After you’ve mastered this technique within yourself, then start spreading this love, respect and empowering energy into the world, and watch what you get back.  It just might surprise you!  You might actually find this love and happiness you felt you deserved came to you all through serving your fellow man.

For everything that is going on in this world today, we really have to start ditching this “Trump Mentality” of only thinking of our own self-interests and what we feel we deserve and start thinking more and more about how we could make this world a better place for all.  If you start thinking this way, you will discover the truth.  A truth that has been known since the beginning of time.

I admire many thoughts from this 13th-century Persian Muslim poet, Islamic scholar, theologian, and mystic called Rumi.  His influence now surpasses national borders and ethnic divisions and he has become greatly appreciated for his spiritual legacy over the past seven centuries.  His wise words were, “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Do you have barriers up?  We have to get rid of this Trump attitude and start taking on Rumi’s!  We all have love inside of us, but we have to break down these barriers in ourselves that hold us back from giving it out into this universe.  We have to learn to tame our ego and free ourselves from the thoughts we deserve anything in this world.  It was written in 1 Corinthians 16:14, ‘Let all that you do be done in love.”  Today, go serve and let it be done in love and see what happens!