Snow Tunnel

Are we ever getting pelted with snow this month!  I love a snow day to slow life down, but this is really getting mentally hard to take.  Storm after storm.  Shovel, scrape, de-ice and sand is a constant battle just to function.  This winter feels like it is never ending, and in reality it is only just starting.

Thank goodness I have the mental relief of knowing that I am going down south for March Break.  We booked in July, wanting to make sure we didn’t back out and decide life was too busy and had other important thing to do that we couldn’t take a break from.  Am I ever glad that we did this now!  It gives me a light at the end of this long, dark, cold, wintered tunnel.

This long, dark, cold wintered tunnel is very much the way life can be.  Storm after storm.  You feel like you get out of one situation and you are in another before you can take a breath.  You shovel your way out of one situation only to be buried again by more troubles and despair!

Why?  Why do we have to endure through these winter storms?  It doesn’t seem fair.  We are all good people, and good people shouldn’t have to deal with this torture!  Right?  Wrong!  Nobody promised that life would be easy.  Everyone has their troubling times.  We all have to go through our ups and our downs.  It is what shapes us into mature human beings.

We have to remember that there is light at the end of these troubling times, just like the Cuba sun is for me right now.  We have to realize that these cold wintery days aren’t going to last forever.  It is just a season we are in.

Unfortunately, we can’t change the amount of snow that gets dumped on our lives, but we can change our attitude on how we de-ice ourselves.  We have to stop feeling sorry for ourselves, and rise above this egocentric stage of self-absorption, and instead focus on the connection we can have with others and the world around us.  The faster we realize life isn’t all about us, our problems and what we are doing the quicker our snow will melt away!

Today, snow or no snow, make the best of your day.  Do something for your community.  Did you enjoy a sport growing up?  Go and give back to that sport.  Do you enjoy the wisdom of the elderly?  Drop into a seniors’ home and spend some time with these wonderful people.  Do you know anyone with a young family?  Volunteer to keep their kids while the parents go on a date, or even get groceries in peace.  There are so many ways to give back to this world!

John 16:33 tells us, “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”  God tells us that we will have our snow storms and have our icy days, but if we stay faithful in him and his word, he will help you overcome the storm, we just have to ride it out and focus our energy on the positives in our lives.

Life isn’t all about you and all the snow that you have experienced over your life.  Sure it rots having to shovel, chip and pick away at the snow and the ice and maybe you seem to get more snowstorms than others.  Try taking the focus off of your storms.  You won’t notice all the ice and snow in your own life, if you go and help other people get rid of their wintery worries.

Life is about helping others.  Helping your fellow neighbor!  Try making the change in your February attitude.  If we get another storm, find the good in it.  Shovel a widow’s step.  Clean the snow off of the vehicle beside yours in a parking lot.  Just stop focusing on yourself, and the way the snow makes you feel and focus on how you can make someone’s day in this overly snowy month.  I promise it will help take the winter blues away!