Fairy Tale Tool Box

I love fairy tales!  I had an aunt who would read and read these beloved tales to me when I was younger, and I loved it.  My favorite was this big book of fairy tales, and even many decades later I still remember these stories, and the fact that my aunt took the time to read these great pieces of literature to me.

Fairy tales have been around thousands of years and started out as oral stories that were told for adults as well as children for entertainment purposes.  These fictional stories come from all different cultures and many may have slight variations depending on who tells them.

Many times, although considered fictional, these tales are thought to have some historical accuracy.  They come from a culture where certain elements were once believed to be real, such as giants, ogres, witches and spirits.

I find as I spend more and more time reading the Bible that is exactly what it is.  A big book of fairy tales that teach many important lessons that we can implement into our daily lives.  As I study the book of 1 Samuel, I love reading about David and the Goliath.

I know this story is almost over done, but when I was reading it something touched a place inside of me.  It was different than the other times I heard the story.  This time I wasn’t focused on how scary the giant must have been being over nine feet tall…just like a fairy tale.  I didn’t focus on how strong he was carrying around bronze armor that weighed about 125 pounds.  That is how much I weigh!!!  This man must have been a beast, but that wasn’t what was popping out at me.

I wasn’t fixated on what a bully he was, shouting at the Israelites to choose a man to fight him.  I was amazed at how terrified Saul and his men were when they heard Goliath’s dare to pick someone to fight him.  This was the King of Israel.  The God appointed leader.  Scared.  Where was his faith?

Just like Saul, we all have people, situations or strong holds in our lives that we are dealing with that are bigger and more powerful than us who are try to control our lives, just like Goliath was trying to do to the Israelites.  But we can’t be like Saul or the Israelites and lose faith in our Heavenly Father.

How many of us are guilty of avoiding confrontation, and dodge our own reality…our giants that we are facing in our lives?  I’m guilty of it myself, just like all the Israelites.  For 40 days, every morning and evening, Goliath challenged the Israelite army and 80 times the Israelites evaded their situation.  Living with this ogre must have been pure torture for these people.  Day in, day out being demoralized.

Finally, a little shepherd boy, David realized that people shouldn’t be afraid of this Philistine monster because he didn’t have the power of the Divine on his side, as all the Israelites do.  David was ready to take on the evil giant without a second thought.  He said in 1 Samuel 17:26, “After all, who is this heathen Philistine to defy the army of the living God?” 

This is the attitude that we have to take with the Goliaths in our lives.  Maybe you are in a failing relationship, or a poor financial situation.  Could you be facing a devastating loss of a loved one, or a sickness?  We all have some kind of giant in our lives, but, remember that we also have the army of the living God with us to help us fight our battles, but we have to believe in his almighty power and tap into his goodness through prayer and meditation on his word to come out victorious.

David was only a shepherd boy, but, his life experiences of protecting the sheep by killing lions and bears with just a sling shot and a rock proved him victorious over this bully Goliath.  The same is true with us.  We go through our own life experiences to prepare our tool box for our own victories using the skills we have been taught throughout our life’s journey.  Dig deep into the tool box of your life, and make your fairy tale come true.  Stop avoiding and attack that giant in your life, having the faith like David that God is battling this enemy with you!  Start with the tool that is available to us all…the power of prayer!