Lunch Lessons

More snow?  Really?  It’s almost Spring!  Enough already!  The only good part of a snow day this late in the season is not having to pack lunches!  I love that my children prefer to bring their lunches over buying from the cafeteria, but some days it makes for much more work.  Figuring out what they want, packing it all, then, cleaning up the mess that they bring home.  It is a chore that I don’t enjoy most days.

One day, I packed a bunch of sweet, yummy fruit for my daughter and myself.  I love having fresh fruit for my snack to give me natural sugar to get me through the day.  My daughter on the other hand, chose not to eat this fresh fruit that I packed for her and left it in her lunch bag.  Not just for the night, but all weekend!

You can imagine what I found on Monday morning.  The sweet orange cantaloupe was now an off shade of cream with little white polka dots covering it.  The honeydew melon was no longer the soft green color it used to be instead it was a deep aqua green, and again something was growing on it.  What remained of the pineapple was just blobs of yellow mush.  It didn’t look like anything that I originally packed.

Not only did all the fruit discolor and turn into unidentified objects, the container I put them in wasn’t an air tight container, so the water that collected from the fruit as it transformed in the heat of the house also got all over the items in my daughter’s book bag.  Needless to say on Monday morning there was quite a mess…and a stench!

If only we had of taken the container out at the end of her school day, we wouldn’t be left with such a mess!  The fruit wouldn’t have had the time to grow mold, liquefy or start to stink.  Her book bag would not have gotten soiled from the science fair project that was going on in her lunch can.  Monday morning would have been an easier morning if she had of thought in advance of what was going to happen leaving fruit in a book bag for two complete days.

Isn’t life very much the same?  Are there ways we could prevent messes in our lives?  Do you find yourself thinking, “If only…” to circumstances in your life?  Things happen in your life for a reason.  It is the unfolding of your world.  You can learn from them…like hopefully my daughter has learned from this mess she made in her book bag, or you can keep making the same mistake over and over again, until finally you are noticing the way you are going about something isn’t working.  Eventually, the mess will become the message.

It might take you longer to learn than others.  You may find yourself in the same mess as you were in before.  Blaming others and not yourself for the mess you are in.  It could be a financial mess, a relationship mess, or an emotional mess.  Whatever the mess is, look for the message in it.  The message for you.  Remove all other people from the mess, and look at it as a message to you and only you.  Blame nobody buy you.  What is it telling you?  Make changes in your life so these messes won’t happen again!

When I asked my daughter what she is going to change so that she doesn’t have this mess in her book bag again, she easily answered me, “I am going to throw out my fruit in the cafeteria if I don’t eat it.”  It might not be the best solution, but that was her solution, and I am going to go with that.  I could offer other solutions, but people are only going to learn when they come up with the solution on their own.  It is her life, and her mess, and her message and I can’t control her.

It is written in 2 Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.”  We can learn and profit from the teachings in the Bible.  Transfer them to your own life lessons.  It is your life, your mess, it is your message, and it is your choice what to do with the message, but using God’s word as guidance is a huge step in the right direction.

Do you have a mess in your life right now?  Step one is stop blaming other people for your messes.  Then, look for the message and start making the changes today!  Watch your life transform!