Orthodontic Gods

I’m learning that Orthodontists are the closest thing to God on this earth.  Why would I say this you make wonder?  Well, if anyone has ever experienced the orthodontist, you might be able to understand where I am coming from.  Not just because their offices are lined with gold, as heaven is, but also because of the power they have to manipulate teeth into doing exactly why they were put in our heads to do.

At the moment both of my children are in braces.  My son is going to break the record for having braces on the longest I think.  It will be three years in June, and there is really no end in sight.  Why?  Because the child honestly doesn’t care about his teeth, nor his orthodontist.  He wouldn’t wear the elastics when he was supposed to, he missed appointments all the time, and doesn’t seem to care to get them off.  It’s all about his own free will.  He’s in for the long haul, and that doesn’t seem to fizz him in the least.

Not only are both of my children in braces, almost all the girls that I coach gymnastics are also in braces.  This is why the orthodontist’s streets are also paved in gold, they are racking it in.  The other day, one of the girls told me that her orthodontist was upset with her, because her bracket broke, and she didn’t come back to fix it.  Instead she left it until her next appointment with him, and in the meantime, one side was pulling her teeth and the other side wasn’t, so it pulled her teeth off track.

Both of these scenarios are just like people’s spiritual journeys.  Some of us are like my son.  Really don’t care about what’s going on in their mouths…or spiritual lives.  Just like the orthodontist explains to my son, it’s his teeth– it is your life.  Eventually, you may or may not find your spiritual journey, just like my son may or may not someday get these braces off.  You just don’t care, or maybe don’t even believe, which is fine with God, and the orthodontist…he already got his money out of me, what does he really care about the teeth of my son now?  Just like God, he put you here for a reason…if you choose not to fulfill that, it is your choice…no harm done.

Then there is my gymnast, whose teeth got pulled off in the wrong direction.  Many of us get pulled off our spiritual track too.  We know what we should be doing.  What choices that we should be making, but somehow we get pulled in the other direction.  My gymnast said the orthodontist was upset with her, but God doesn’t get upset.  He wills start putting things in your life to try and bring you back to the right path, just like the orthodontist is now trying to fix the damage done to my gymnast’s bite.  It is our free will whether or not we want to jump back on track or not.

Of course, you always have those orthodontic patients who follow all the rules, never eat popcorn, or gum, always floss, wear the elastics just as stated, and are the lucky ones who get their braces off months before scheduled.  There are also many people who chose the same spiritual path as these orthodontic patients.  Just always do what is right and without any probing.  Not wrong paths, no refusal to cooperate, just amazingly amazing.

Revelations 30:20 explains, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me.” Or the Tao Te Ching says, “Gladly does the Tao receive, those who wish to walk in it.  Gladly does its power uphold, those who choose to use it well. Gladly does the Tao abandon those who abandon it.”  The Tao was written way before Revelations, but isn’t it almost the exact same idea?

Which spiritual or orthodontic person are you?  If you are one of the first two, try and find it in you to explore the world of spirituality.  You don’t have to be religious, you just have to try and form a relationship with the Divine, Source, God, or the Tao…whatever you want to call it!  Many times it is the religion that has killed spirituality for people, just like the orthodontist has killed the desire for straight teeth in my son.  Don’t let mankind kill the most important part of your life’s journey.  Shop around for other orthodontist if you don’t like the one you are going to now.  There are many different ones available, and once you get to know an orthodontist you like and understand, you will come to appreciate what they are trying to do for your smile…and your life.

Trust me, not only will you be smiling more often, but you will be happier too!