Garbage Man

Don’t you love getting to know different families?  I remember when I first started to get to know my husband’s family.  They were so much fun.  Totally different than my family dynamic, and I enjoyed the change.  My husband was fortunate to have a brother and a sister, and this was a dynamic I wasn’t used to experiencing at all.  They are hilarious when you get them together, and I love every minute with these great people.

One of my favorite stories is about his brother.  When his brother was young, if someone asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would tell people a garbage man.  Isn’t that hilarious?  A garbage man.  Not many of us dream to be a professional garbage man, but somehow through the eyes of this sweet, innocent boy, this seemed intriguing.

Now that I’m older and realizing the deeper aspects of life, I am realizing that our minds are society’s garbage cans.  All of society’s beliefs are being constantly dumped into our brains.  We don’t have a choice on what we take in either.  Sometimes our brains get littered with garbage, and our minds keep taking it in, never taking their garbage bags to the curb for the garbage men to take away for us.

I’ve always been told, as I am sure you’ve heard many times in your life as well that “seeing is believing”, but this statement couldn’t be any more wrong.  We see what we want to see.  We interpret events, situations, or conversations the way that best fits us.  Our perception of an event might be totally different than another person’s perception.  Seeing is believing what you want to believe.

All of our senses are for survival, which is why we have them.  If we want to get in touch with life, and who we are, we have to start putting the garbage that fills our heads daily out to the curb.  Let the garbage trucks take it away.  We all have a sixth sense, and some might call it instinct, others many call it psychic, but in reality, all it is, is spirituality.

Anyone can be conditioned to believe anything, especially if it is embedded into our daily living from a young child.  These beliefs are then hard to break.  Only enhanced perception will help you understand life, and you may wonder how we enhance our perception?  You have to be like my brother-in-law and aspire to be a garbage man!  Stop thinking all the garbage that has been put in your brain, and reprogram your brain by researching and learning all the stuff you’ve been told, saw, and conditioned to believe since you were born.

We have to free ourselves from the garbage that we’ve collected over the years and free our need of wanting to be secure in our lives.  Life is never secure.  We can BELIEVE that we are secure, but it is just a belief.  We have to start throwing ourselves into life without boundaries or walls blocking our daily lives.  Beliefs are walls that we form around us to protect us from things.  We don’t need protection, because we have no control over whether we wake up tomorrow morning or not.  Stop fussing over garbage that is laying around in your brain, and start realizing that the suffering in our lives is created from the process of this garbage.

They always say children are more in tune with our world than adults, and look at how wise my brother-in-law was!  The family may joke about how funny his childhood aspirations were, but this kid was onto something.  He knew getting rid of garbage would be a rewarding choice, and once you realize that it will be rewarding for you too.  Clean your mind of all the garbage society has planted in your brain, and your suffering will be released.  Try it and see!