Tire Change

It’s that time of the year again!  The sun is shining, the snow is melting and the old winter tires have to come off!  I’m not very well versed in auto care and maintenance, but I do understand the importance of winter tires.  It is something that I would never go without during the treacherous winter months.

Some people have no issue using their all-season tires year round, and that is fine for some people, but myself I feel more secure and comfortable knowing that my tires were purposely made to help me track through these vicious conditions that a Canadian winter can subject us to.

Winter tires have a special rubber compound that are designed to stay soft in cold temperatures for ultimate grip on snow, where the all-season tires are generally a harder compound in order to get longer tread life, and also loses traction at 7°C and lower.  Pretty much our entire winter months and some of the spring months are below this temperature, so all-seasons aren’t going to be much help if that is the case.

The treads of a winter tire are designed differently too.  They have an aggressive tread design and siping provides stability by biting snow and pushing away water and slush, where the all-season tire’s tread pattern is designed to reduce noise and provide a comfortable, low rolling resistance ride during warm temperatures. In winter, snow and slush clogs the channels creating a slippery, unsafe surface for winter roads and who wants that?

I choose to put winter tires on my car for the safety and security that they bring to my travels during the winter months.  I want to be able to relax knowing that I have deep treads that are going to give me the grip on slippery roads when I need it.  Just like I choose to make God a part of my daily life.

That is the joy about this world.  We have free choice.  We can decide to be protected during the winter months and put on our winter tires, or we can choose to risk it and leave on the tires that weren’t designed for the snow and ice.  It’s our own free will.  The same goes for spirituality.  It is up to the person whether they spend time protecting their soul against the harsh, evil spirits of this world, or if they just want to hope for the best and leave that to chance.

Many people need to get into a horrible accident with their all-season tires on and go through a lot of pain before they finally choose to splurge that extra money and time to purchase a set of winter tires.  Many of us have to learn the hard way, and that includes me.  I’m no different!

It says in 1 Chronicles 22:19, “Set your mind and heart to seek (inquire of and require as your vital necessity) the Lord your God.”  In other words, what do you think is vital in your life?  Myself, I feel that winter tires are vital to survive our Canadian winter driving.  I also feel that getting up in the morning and meditating and spending time with God is a vital part of my day.  It is what strengthens me for all that the world is going to throw at me.  But I can’t push this on anyone else.  Just like I can’t push the importance of winter tires on people who don’t see their importance!

We all can probably survive with all-season tires on our vehicles for a season, but eventually someday the elements of winter are going to outmatch the performance of your all-seasons.  Chances are we will end up in an accident.  Actually, I know our God, and some day he WILL let you have an accident from the choices you’ve made, just to try and bring you closer to him.  Trying to get you to see the importance of winter tires and having him in your daily life.  It might take him 10 years, it might take him 50 years, but he will never give up on trying to show you that you need him in your life.  Just like the need for winter tires, he will be there when you finally let your Ego go, and stop thinking that you don’t need spirituality in your life.  And when you do, you will finally understand the importance of these special rubber tires, and the strength, peace and wisdom you have when you arm yourself daily with God’s word!