A Tribute to Mothers

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, and it is one of my favorite times of the year!  Not only do I get spoiled with a big feed of lobster, but I also get to honor my precious mother and all that she has done for me!  Now that I am a mother myself, I can appreciate what she sacrificed and gave to me to make me what I am today.

As I now have almost 15 years of parenting under my belt, I am still learning how to be the best parent I can be.  It’s a lifelong learning process I think, but I love to read parenting books, and listen to wise people on their parenting tips.

Have you ever heard of Sadhguru?  He is a one of my favorite yogis because he really cracks me up.  I enjoy his humor while he is teaching different aspects of life.  One of my favorite things he said was in regards to parenting his own daughter.  He makes a fantastic point that children don’t listen to a thing that we tell them, but they do pay very close attention to what we do, or what we model.  They are becoming who and what we are modelling for them.

This is why I also turn to the Bible for many parenting question that I have.  I know you are probably sick of hearing it, but I love Proverbs 31.  Not only is this lady a super mother, but she is a fantastic wife, homemaker and cook.  Exactly what I’ve watch my mother model for me all my life, and which is my goal in life as well.  I’m aspiring to have a long line of Proverb 31 Women in my family line.

My favorite verse, which I think is a verse all mothers should honor, and that is Proverbs 31: 27, which states “She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”  This is exactly what I’ve watched my mother (and my grandmother…God rest her soul) do my entire life, and she is still on this path, which is such an inspiration!

If you break this verse down, “she watches over the affairs of her household” is exactly what mothers have to be doing to all aspects of her family.  Making sure that all members of the family’s needs are met.  We have to be attuned to our children’s and husband’s needs at all time.  We have that sixth sense that we know when something is off with our children and should follow our hearts with it.  Not only does she watch all aspects of her family, but she is paying attention to what her family is watching, doing on their free time, what they are eating and who they are hanging out with.

And the last part of the verse, “does not eat the bread of idleness” is what we have to focus on doing to stay in tune with our family’s needs.  This takes a lot of work.  We need to learn great time management skills, which means to fight the urge to spend our time binging on Netflix, or spending countless hours on social media or online shopping.  There are many other important things to be doing for your family, and your home.  Sure, we can convince ourselves that we deserve to relax, we had a hard day, but nothing should take priority over our family.  Even on Mother’s Day!

This mothering job is a never ending job.  We are here to serve our families and our community and once you wrap your brain around that, and let go of your ego, you will watch your family flourish.  You are becoming a model of what God has created you to be!

Just like Sadhguru suggests that we should model for our children the behavior we want them to exhibit.  If we don’t want them to yell at us, we shouldn’t yell at them.  If we want them to keep their room clean, we have to keep our rooms clean.  If we want them to treat people with respect, we have to treat them with respect.  The old saying, “Do what I say and not what I do” is no longer valid.  It doesn’t work.

I was very fortunate to have a mother who models all of these aspects of a Proverb 31 Woman.  We all love our mothers and every woman is trying their absolute best to raise their families the way that they feel is the right way.

You can never go wrong if you follow the advice of the Bible.  This coming Mother’s Day, honor your mother, just like it advises you to do in the Bible, and cherish and be thankful for the job that she did raising you.  She did her best, and loves you with her whole heart.