Flightradar 24

My brother-in-law introduced my family to the coolest new App!  It’s called “Flightradar 24”.  If you haven’t heard of it, and you have any interest in aviation at all, you really should download it and check it out.  It’s amazing what this App can do.

Once it downloads your location, it will inform you of all the different forms of aviation that is flying over top of you that you normally see in the sky.  It tells you if it is a commercial or private plane.  Where it is coming from and what its destination is.  How long the flight is.  How much time they have left to reach their destination, and many other tidbits of information.

It blows my mind that an App can do all this.  What people won’t think of?  As I was scanning the skies and watching these planes flying overhead, it really got me thinking.  It’s incredible how these planes are traveling so freely in the grand open skies.  They are traveling hundreds of kilometers an hour with ease.  If that was happening down on the ground it would be crazy, but flying high above the land, they travel effortlessly from point A to point B.

I think many of us make this mistake in our lives.  We try to hard.  We think we can go hundreds of kilometers an hour in a place that doesn’t foster this sort of speed.  We all occupying our lives with more than we can handle, and making our worlds a crazy place to be.  So many of us are becoming depressed or anxious about our day to day lives and we are losing site of the grand picture…what makes us happy.

We have to start giving our selves some space to soar, just like these airplanes.  There is nothing wrong with traveling at this speed as long as you are in a spot that makes this possible, and of course, safe.  Safe on you mentally, emotionally and physically.  All of us want to soar and be successful, happy and prosperous, and these things are all ours if we go about it the right way.

When you are feeling like you can’t maneuver this huge jet plane in the area you are trying to move around, then you are trying too hard.  You have to sit back and relax and let life find your place to make this navigation safe and prosperous for you.

As I am getting older and learning from my mistakes, this is one of the things in my life that I am changing.  If something doesn’t make me happy I’m eliminating it from my world.  As the ancient Chinese yogi, Lao Tsu, wrote in his famous piece of writing the Tao Te Ching, “The Tao does nothing and nothing is left undone”.  We have to take on this attitude.  Relax and let the universe be your navigational system.  If something is upsetting you, let it go.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, eliminate things that are making you feel this way.  Minimize if you have to.

If you’re not a fan of the Tao, then listen to the wise words from the Book of Jeremiah, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”  Let what will be…be!

Download this App, and picture your life as free sailing as these planes in the sky.  Eliminate things in your life that doesn’t foster happiness and hopefulness in your world.  You have to start looking after yourself before you can help navigate others.  Listen to your body and find your happiness today!  Remove anything that makes you feel uneasy.  It is your body’s way of telling you are driving too fast in an area that isn’t capable of such great speeds!