University’s Universe

Facebook is such a great site sometimes!  I’ve been loving all the pictures that people are posting of the university graduates!  Such an exciting time in a young person’s life.  The world is theirs for the taking.  Options are endless.

I remember feeling just like this when I graduated from my first degree.  I had no experience to do anything.  I had a university degree but no work experience to accompany any of my education, but I thought I knew it all.

I was excited to start work in my field of study and change the world.  I was fresh out of studying and all set to make my mark in my community.  But, then reality started to set in.  Nobody was as excited as I was to hire me.  I thought I knew it all, but the employers weren’t so convinced.  I was devastated.

My hopefulness turned to hopelessness.  I had spent many years of my life waking up and going to school.  I lived to learn.  Now, I had to start applying this knowledge in the real world.  How does one do this?  How do you transition from one stage of your life into another without the feeling of total despair?

After months of searching, finally I was given an opportunity to prove my intelligence as I was offered a great job in the field of my dreams.  Only, I learned to find out after a few years of doing my perceived dream job, that it wasn’t what I wanted to do at all.  What I thought was my destiny was not my destiny at all.  I started to not enjoy the job at all.

It’s not only when we come out of university that we may feel this despair!  Life is constantly throwing curve balls at us.  Relationship breakups are very hard to get through.  Money problems are also another hard hitter.  Sick children is never nice.  Lose of loved ones is probably the worst.

These obstacles that are thrown at us are to help us realize the Universe is trying to show us what we don’t need in our lives.  It’s the Universe’s way of teaching us, developing our character and trying to get us back on the path we are supposed to be on.

Looking back over my first choice of university education—it is not something that I regret doing.  No education is a waste.  I use my education in this area probably on a daily bases.  I’m not getting paid to do this job anymore, but I still enjoy implementing what I learned during my first four years of university.  Am I glad that I don’t work in this area anymore?  I sure am.  Was it a waste of time?  Absolutely not.  It taught me what I didn’t want to be.  It showed me the contrast in my life that I was to learn and build on.

Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu – Chapter 44 explains, “Which matters more to you?  You or your renown? Which brings more to you?  You or what you own?  I say, what you gain is more trouble than what you lose.  Love is the fruit of sacrifice.  Wealth is the fruit of generosity.  A contented man is never disappointed.  He who knows when to stop is preserved from peril.  Only thus can you endure long.”

This verse is all about life and knowing when to stop.  You have to change the way you prioritize your life to ensure you live a fruitful one.  In the Book of Galatians it explains, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.”  If something is in your life that is not one of these nine attributes, get rid of it!

Contrast comes to us every day.  Sometimes all day.  You have to recognize when enough is enough.  Learn from it.  Look into your heart and realize what is truly important to you.  Contrast is there to reveal to you what you don’t need in your life.  It’s to help guide you onto a path or adventure that you are not letting yourself take.  Start listening to the contrast in your life, and make changes to reflect what this contrast is dictating to you.  Stop ignoring the signs that the Universe is giving you, and make the necessary changes today!