Downfall Detours

As the summer approaches, so does baseball season.  It’s our family’s favorite season.  We all enjoy the sport!  I love watching my son play and my husband coach him from the third baseline.  My daughter enjoys all the baseball sisters that hang out at the ball park with her.  And, of course, my husband and son love the sport to the core.

As much as I love the season of baseball, there is a hard part to the season.  May is difficult because I have to watch my husband ponder over who should make his team, and my son wondering if he is going to make the team he is trying out for too.

Since we are in the month of May, I am watching the troubling part unfold before my eyes.  It’s hard watching someone you love go through pain.  Nobody enjoys cutting children from a team, especially when you know these children and their parents on a personal level.  I also don’t like seeing my son stress on whether or not he will make the team of his choice either.

Now that I am in this time of my year again, I have to sit back and witness my two favorite men struggle with this season of their baseball lives.  Is there anything I can do?  Absolutely not.  I can be there for them to listen and give them love and support, but the Universe has to unfold as it will.

If I didn’t have faith in what will be will be, I guess I could forward a nasty email to the powers that be that have to do with my son’s selection if he doesn’t make the team.  Is that fixing the situation?  No, it might make me feel better expressing my opinion and getting it off my chest.  It’s showing my son that I can fight his battles for him, which isn’t teaching him anything about life.  Am I going to eventually email a university that he gets rejected from?  Absolutely not, they will laugh in my face, so why fight his battles at any age?  He has to learn survival techniques not fighting techniques.

Failure is part of life and part of the growing up process, but you would be surprised how many parents will do this for their child!  My husband always receives many emails questioning his decision making process, even though they were Provincial Champs last year.  If people only knew how much turmoil he goes through trying to make the right decisions.  He doesn’t believe in my method of listening to his Higher-Self and going with what the Universe is telling him to do.

We have to start letting our loved ones fail.  We have to let them learn from their mistakes.  We have to let what will be-BE!  We have to start letting go of this control we want to have over every little minuscule aspect of our lives and our child’s.  People are going to hurt us.  Someday your child will get many broken hearts, and they will break a few as well.  We are going to get cut from teams or let go from jobs.  We are going to suffer loss of loved ones.  We aren’t going to get everything we want in this world, and during childhood is the best time to learn strategies on how to deal with disappointments, when they are resilient and open to change.

If we let them perceive that it is the end of the world, it will be the end of the world for them.  Change their perception on any disappointments in their lives.  Give them strategies to overcome downfalls, don’t try to defeat the downfalls for them.  That obstacle was divinely placed in their lives for a reason.  Let their lives unfold and watch how that obstacle becomes their conquest.  Watch how being cut from a team made them come back with more heart, more life, more joy than they ever had before.  If they don’t have this reaction, then this quest wasn’t that important to them in the grand scheme of life either, and let them walk their own path.  Could this means more to you then it means to them?

Sometimes as parents, we have to sit back and watch our child’s stories unfold before our eyes whether we like it or not.  We have to take our hands off of our parenting wheels and stop trying to steer their lives in the direction we feel they should be steered.  Instead of steering, pray for the best outcome to happen.  God knows best, and we have to put our trust in him.  Sending nasty emails, or attacking a person who you feel is out to get your child is not doing your child any good.  Just like we have to use the strategy of prayer, give that strategy to your child as well.  Try giving them prayers and affirmations, not a nasty vocabulary of choice words about people who were just trying to do their job.

Remember Romans 8:28 in these hard times, “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

Focus on what is thriving in your child’s life.  Don’t let them see you swayed by their downfalls.  Downfalls are placed strategically in their lives to detour them in the right direction.  Stop steering them in the direction you think they need to go and let the Universe work that out for them.  You might be a Super-Parent, but no power is strong than the power of the Universe, so let their downfall be their detour on their way to all they were created to be.