Lighten Up!

I love mornings!  I go to bed early just to make sure that I have my “alone” time in the mornings, because it is my favorite time of the day.  It’s funny how over time I’ve noticed that usually a marriage is made up of one person who is a morning person, and one who is a nighthawk.  I’ve always wondered why this is, but I have never come to a definite hypothesis, nor have I ever come up with a logical conclusion to this mystery.

My husband and I were blessed with two incredible children.  It turns out, one is a morning person and the other one—not so much.  Just like their parents.  My son is the morning person, who since birth really never slept much at all.  He just doesn’t need much sleep.  He blessed us with his presents bright and early every morning as a youngster and it was always me who got up with him because I was ready to get up, where my husband enjoyed his sleep.

Our daughter on the other hand is like her father and love, love, loves her sleep.  She is the most pleasant child with such a lovely disposition.  Smiling from the time her feet hit the floor until her head hits the pillow at night.  The only time she is unbearable grumpy is in the mornings when I try and wake her up.

Every night she creates her sleep haven.  She closes the blinds, put her pillows in a certain position, turns on her electric blanket and shuts her door.  This is what she refers to as, “making her room cozy.”  I have to laugh because it really makes it pitch black.

Now that it is bright and sunny early in the mornings, when I go in her room to wake her up and lift her blind, she starts to squint even with her eyes shut and starts to grunt with displeasure.  I get a kick out of her as her “cozy room” creates this unbearable light in the mornings.  If she left her blind up a little bit the new dawn light would enter her room gradually and this wouldn’t happen to her.

As I witness this adorable, grimacing face every morning, it made me think of so many people create their own “cozy room” in their lives.  Complete and utter darkness.  Not letting in any spiritual light into their lives.  They close themselves off to any belief that there is a higher power beyond themselves.

Then something horrible happens to their worlds.  Maybe their marriage hits rock bottom, or they are in financial ruin, they may have even lost a loved one.  Geeze, I’ve heard of some people experiencing all three of these horrifying situations all at once.  Their entire world is crumbling before their eyes.  They have this disturbing darkness surrounding them!  My heart breaks for them and I want to share the strength I get from my light.  I want them to know that they can find strength to survive in some sort of spiritual light.

Sadly, if we were to roll their blind up and shine the light of this universe directly on them, they would be like my child who is allergic to mornings.  They aren’t ready for the light.  They wouldn’t know what hit them, and they would probably grab the blind and pull it quickly back down, scared of the light.  They wouldn’t be ready for that much light all at once.  They have to have this light come in gently on their own terms.  A little light at a time.

As they adjust to having the light in their lives, they will gradually roll the blind up as they see what wonderful things are waiting for them on the other side of this window of light.  Miracles!  Miracles are waiting for all of us!  They are waiting for everyone, we just have to see the light!

John 8:12 reassures us, “Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  Jesus always keeps his promises.  If you look for his light, you will not walk in darkness.

It might feel like everything or everyone in your life is falling apart, but Jesus will never leave your side.  He is there.  Behind that blind that you have pulled down over your life, you just have to lighten up!  Try inching the blind up gradually as you find your comfort zone of spirituality.  If reading the Bible isn’t your thing, then search for other resources that will guide you.  The options are limitless out there.  As long as it brings light into your world, start reading, watching or listening to it.  Try meditating for 5 minutes a day and watch how your body will start to crave for more.  You just have to start with peeking out under the blind and you will see the benefits of letting light into your life.

Lighten up!  The Universe is full of miracles, you just have to roll that blind back and start basking in its light!