Predetermined Cubs Fans

How about them Cubs?  Another baseball season is well underway, and my family is enjoying the entertainment of the Chicago Cubs.  We watch them on television, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and even love listening to them live on Sirus XM Radio.  Our summer is filled with the lives of the Chicago Cubs.

Why the Cubs?  My husband fell in love with this team many years ago when he was a young baseball player himself.  He had dreams of being just like his favorite second baseman, Ryne Sandberg.  As he grew up, his love for the Cubs got deeper and deeper bread inside of him.  By them time I met him, and even many, many years later, if it came down to what he loved more, me or the Cubs, I honestly wouldn’t even want to know the answer to this question…because I think I already know.

In all honesty though, through his love and admiration for this ball team, he has preprogrammed all of the rest of us to love the Chicago Cubs as well.  Our first born was a boy, who we named Gehrig Ryne, after Lou Gehrig and Ryne Sandberg.  Do you think this kid wasn’t going to be brainwashed into loving baseball and the Chicago Cubs?  It was inevitable.  His destiny.  Genetically predisposed to being born a Cubs fan.

As I’ve witness this brainwashing in action, and this brainwashing happening in many other homes of my friends and family, it gets me thinking about our preprogrammed form of religion.  Our religion is predetermined for us.  Depending on our geographical location that we are born, as well as our genetic predisposition.  My husband and I were both born and raised United, and of course, so now are our children.

Every religion thinks that they are the only religion going to our coveted place in Heaven with the God that we believe in.  That is their selling point for why their religion exists.  Just like my family believes and desperately love the Chicago Cubs and think every summer they are winning the sought-after World Series Trophy.  Even though, only one team a year gets to brag about their accomplishments, once a Cubs fan, always a Cubs fan.

In all reality, this is just people’s Egos talking.  What you create with your ego, you love just like anything you create.  You love these things like your children, because they are yours that you brought into form.  You brought these to life in your own minds.  My husband loved the Chicago Cubs because of his adoration of one of their players, and then once this formed there was no getting rid of it.  Then he transferred his created beliefs to his children, and somehow me too.

The same is true with religion.  We are preprogrammed through many years of generational pride that OUR religion is the best religion.  Our egos are fed this way and we are created to believe this, but do you think God has an ego?  Do you think he sees what religion we are?  I think there should just be one religion, that being the Faith of Love!  Just love everyone, everything, every ball team.  Just love.  In 1 John 4:8, “Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

We have to let our egos go and just love.  Love all religions, and realize that just like my children, who didn’t stand a chance in loving any other ball team than the Chicago Cubs, that that was you probably brought up in a world of beliefs from your parents.  Preprogrammed.

Every ball team has its strengths and its weaknesses, as does every religion.  Let your ego go, and see what makes you feel love, not the need to think one religion is right or wrong.  Let go of the beliefs that have been preprogrammed into you from fundamental religions and reprogram it to what resonates in you.  Explore all the different aspects that are out there and let your heart lead you.  When you let your heart lead you, you will realize that it’s not what ball team is the best, but the love of the game that matters.  Love is all that really counts in an ego-free world.  Unleash yourself from the need to think you are right and realize that love is all you need.