Model Teacher

Our summer vacation has officially started and as a teacher, I am ready to have some time to rejuvenate and relax.  My time as a teacher can be an exhausting one as we are really a glorified actresses on stage all day in front of an audience of 20 or more students hanging on our every word…or at least we hope and think that they are.

As teachers we are taught to model, model, model!  They want us to provide many different ways of teaching the same concept.  We are encouraged to scaffold, and then model some more.  The rules have changed tremendously since I was in school.  Our goal is to set them up for success, through a loving and caring environment.  Roaring and scaring children into learning in the classroom are a thing of the past.  Studies have proven that the old school way of frightening kids into learning doesn’t work at all.  Their brains actually shut down and can’t learn anything for 30 minutes after being scared or emotionally distressed.

The same is true about our lives.  Jesus was sent to us as the Son of God to model for us, how we should live, and he was all about fostering a loving and caring environment too.  Totally different from the Old Testament teachings.  He started the new age of teaching.  He wasn’t scaring people into loving God.  He didn’t make God out to be this horrible, scary being.  He showed us that God is only loving and good,  and can only see us with loving eyes, like a father sees his children.

Jesus wanted us to know that God is loving.  It tells us in A Course in Miracles that God is not commanding, because He is incapable of arrogance.  He doesn’t demand, because God doesn’t seek control.  God doesn’t overcome, because He doesn’t attack.  God just merely reminds us.  He is that quiet voice that speaks of peace and calm to us.

I love that in two places in the Bible it says the same thing.  In both Mark 10:18 and in Luke 18:19 it says, “And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone.” He wants us to realize just how good God is.  Just how wonderful our loving Father is.  It isn’t Jesus that is good, it is God.  Jesus, is just the vessel that God used to deliver his messages through and he does it with a non-violent approach.

Being the model of love and kindness was Jesus’ job.  He set out to change the societal misunderstandings that had developed overtime.  Humans have egos that get in the way of their interpretations of the word of God, and Jesus came to set things straight.  He came to model, scaffold and set us up for success just like every teacher in the school system tries to do with their students.

As my school year comes to a close, I can relax for the summer with pride in my heart.  I honestly feel like I did do my best to help my students become all that they were created to be for the year that I had them.  Would Jesus be proud of his teaching experience with you?  Are you following his model and using the scaffolding that he supplied for you?  If you are reading this blog, then you are obviously on the right track.  Continue your learning and be a successful student of God’s teachings.  Make Jesus proud!