The Curse of the Goat

If you’ve ever read my blog before, I am sure you know I come from a household of Chicago Cubs fans.  All four of us enjoy the sport of baseball, but the love for the Chicago Cubs all originated from one person.  My husband.

As, we developed and morphed our two lives together, a part that I had to adopt was this love for a baseball team, that was cursed by a goat.  Yes, there was supposedly a curse put on the team by the owner of a tavern that was located near Wrigley Field.  He owned a goat named “Murphy” who wasn’t the nicest smelling animal.  When fans complained of this stench this proprietor was asked to leave Wrigley Field and that is when he told them that he put a curse on the ball team and they would never win again.  This lasted for 71 years from 1945-2016.  Crazy right?  Or is it?

So many of us let people tell us things, and we start to believe them.  How many of us let something that a teacher or a coach said about us shape our lives in a negative way?  Who is guilty of letting a bit of friendly razzing go to our hearts and we start believing that what people were teasing us about is really true?  What about someone telling us to be realistic?  We’ve all been guilty of letting others defeat our moral!  Just like this man did to the entire team.

Once you let this momentum build in your world, it is hard to stop.  You should let nobody persuade you to think that we are incapable of anything.  Reality is what you make it.  It is only a belief that you let solidify.  Realists are ruining the world by setting boundaries for themselves and others and with their negative outlook on life in general.  These people let their egos run their life and hate to be wrong because of it.  Who cares if the outcome isn’t exactly what you expected, at least you tried and you use this failure to help you get one step closer to your dream.

I love this video I saw on Facebook about Alexander Gram Bell.  He was homeschooled after his mother told him that the teachers felt that he was too brilliant for them to teach.  His mother then taught him at home and developed this man into a famous inventor of many things.  Later, Alexander finds the letter from his teachers to his mother stating that they couldn’t teach him because he was slow.

Alexander’s mom could have listened to these people, and label her child, but instead she stayed positive and didn’t let him know what was being said about him.  We all have great things inside of us.  Every one of us were created equal, just some of us let negativity defeat us, or we don’t tap into our true potential.  People cast curses on us, and they don’t even realize sometimes.

We were even created equally with the Son of God.  Jesus tells us this himself in John 14:12, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do, because I am going to the Father.”  Can you imagine?  We can actually do greater works than Jesus?  It tells us multiple times throughout the Bible that we can do the impossible, if only we believe.

We have to start believing in ourselves and not in the power others can have over us.  Like this crazy curse of a goat.  It sounds silly, but they aren’t the only people who let others belittle them and put them in a negative mindset.  You’re letting people sabotage you.  Start believing in yourself and the power that you have within you to do anything you dream of.

The curse of the goat is finally lifted from the Chicago Cubs, and hopefully they will continue to excel and not have to wait another 70 years to win their next World Series title.  Lift whatever curse you’ve been telling yourself.  Start believing that you are amazing.  You are a here in this world for a purpose!  World Series big.  Step up to the plate and hit that grand slam that you are more than capable of hitting!  Just believe!  Go Cubs Go!