Universal Epidermis

I get a kick out of my daughter!  She would have to be one of the safest people I know.  Caution is her key to life, and being in the sport of gymnastics sometimes this becomes a bit of a problem.  She has to feel very safe before she tries any new skill and I admire her for this.  One day however, at home while she was on the treadmill her foot slipped and she ended up with second degree burns on her knee.

Ouch!  Right?  It gave me the heebie-jeebies every time I helped her clean it.  I can handle sprains, torn tendons, broken bones, or nerve issues but for some reason when I see the top layer of the epidermis of the skin burnt away exposing the dermis tissue, I get weak in the knees.  I felt bad for her every time I saw this wound.

As I was re-exposed to the skin issues that I had studied in university it got me thinking about skin in an entire new level.  This time, I was dealing with my own daughter having her skin burnt away.  It just resonated more in me this time when it happened to someone that I loved.  I worked with burns in the physiotherapy clinic I worked at but this got me seeing things in a new perspective for some reason.

No matter how safe we try to be sometimes, we fall.  We are going to get hurt.  When we least expect it.  Just like my very safety conscious daughter who refuses to water the plants in our house that are on top of cupboards because she doesn’t feel standing on a chair is a safe method of watering plants.  We can shelter ourselves from getting hurt, but that isn’t life.  Life is all about falling and getting back up again.

The Universe is going to do what the Universe is going to do.  I’m a huge believer in that, even though the Universe is so grand that it is unimaginable the depths of its power.  Just as my daughter burnt off the epidermis of her skin, and part of the dermis layer, we are nowhere near figuring out the depths of this vast Universe we life in.

There are so many laws that I am just starting to figure out now.  As I meditate daily, I am starting to peel off the layers that my mind has been paper machéed into thinking.  I’m just starting to lift away the ‘epidermis’ of my own beliefs that have been instilled in me since birth.  The indoctrinated beliefs that have been programmed into my brain since, by chance, I was born in Canada, into a Christian United family, in a small rural community and having a female body.

I was raised the way my parents were programmed to think.  That is what parents do.  They think the way they believe is the right way.  Is that a bad thing?  Absolutely not!  If I had of been born in Iraq to an Iraqi family made to regurgitate the Quran, how would I be different than I am today?  What would my life be like?  Do you think the Universe punishes us because of what we were born into?  Are we only loved by “Source”, by the “Divine”, by “God”, by “Universal Life Force” if we are born or turn Christian?

As I was watching my daughter’s body heal itself, like the wonderful machine the body is, this verse popped into my head; Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”  What if the body is really just the symbol of the Universe, not a body at all?  What if what we think is God’s image isn’t really a body at all, but this incredible orb of light that many people see when they are in deep meditation?  People say we are beings of light.  Maybe that is all we are?

My daughter burnt off the two top layers of her skin, but was she anywhere close to her heart?  The pump that fuels her entire body?  Absolutely not.  The same is true with the Universe.  Scientist are desperately trying to get answers from the Universe but it is just too big to comprehend and it is nowhere close to getting to the pump that fuels this entire universal life force.  God.

We have to leave our minds open to these realities.  Why are we holding so fast to the black and white of man-made tales that are spread throughout time depending on your gene pool and geographical location, instead of going deeper within ourselves to find the answers?  Where do our thoughts come from?  Scientist have no substantial evidence for this yet either.

Just as it took this burn on my daughter’s leg to open my mind and have a new perspective on burns, this is all I am trying to instill today.  Start looking at the Universe and life through different eyes.  A different perspective other than that that you’ve been indoctrinated with since birth.   I’m glad I was born Christian, but many other religions feel the same way.  Does that make their religion wrong?  Why?  Because you believe what is written in the Bible?  Well, think about it–they believe what is written in their spiritual text of worship is right.  Respect that.  Cherish that.  Maybe even read and educate yourself.  Who knows it might open you up to an entire new Universe.


Gifts of the Earth

I love seeing all the summer travel pictures on people’s Facebook sites!  I find the world a very fascinating place!  Think about how much travel  and exploration, along with the world coming together as one unit has shaped our lives of today.  Before, you only had the fruits, vegetable and other vegetation that were native to your geographical location, but as we explored the earth and crossed the oceans we found different fruits, vegetable and other riches that were native to a different part of the world.  We had no clue how wealthy the earth really was until we started to explore it.

Not only did we realize the our Earth was a rich empire of incredible goodness growing many different plants and animals that we could eat and nurture ourselves from, but then we started to look deep inside the land and started finding other elements and minerals that we could also use and profit from.

What we saw on the Earth’s surface was just a skim of what the Earth really holds in store for us.  It was just a fraction of its potential.  The incredible things actually come from the core of the earth, once you dig past the exterior of our fine planet.

This is much the same as ourselves.  Sure, we have a great life.  We are happy for the most part, but we all have our setbacks and troubles that we have to face.  It is part of being human.  Or this is what we’ve always been lead to believe.  We focused on the outside of ourselves.  The superficial part of us.  What we look like, what we wear, what we decorate our bodies with, who we associate with.  These are all parts of our ego that we have to let go of and find our spiritual part deep inside our bodies.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m guilty of it too!

Our spirit and our ego cannot live together.  You have to have one or the other working for you at one time.  Since we’ve been working on strengthening our ego since birth, which is what we are familiar with.  We’ve been programmed to think it is through our hard work that we accomplish things.  We’ve been lead to believe that because we have a talent that we are superior to others.  This is how our society functions for some reason.

Just like digging deep into the Earth surface, we have to dig deep inside of ourselves to find the really great part of us.  How do we dig inside of ourselves you may wonder?  Well, how many of us pray, thinking that this will help us tap into this spiritual side of ourselves.  I know I was taught to pray from a very early age, but as my ego took over my life I prayed less and less.  Then when things weren’t going the way I wanted them to go, I started to pray, thinking that was my quick fix to the solution.  I was taught that God would provide.

What I was missing was my relationship with my Divine.  I would talk and talk to him when things weren’t going my way, but when things were good, I never went to visit.  Imagine if you had a friend who treated you this way.  They always called you up when they had a problem and would talk and talk and talk without you saying a word, but they would never call or visit you when things were going great in their lives.  How would that make you feel?

Sometimes these talks went on for hours.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  On and on.  Begging for your help, but they never once let you talk to them.  You would never give them time to give you some advice to follow that might help you get out of your troubling situation.  Does that seem to be a friend you would like to have on your contact list?  Would you be excited to help them?  Probably not.  Even if you did give them some guidance, they probably aren’t going to listen to you anyway, they are going to do what their ego tells them to do.

We need to give the time to the power of the Universe to actually have a conversation with us.  If you pray to God, then you should also sit and meditate and wait for him to have a conversation with you.  If you aren’t a praying person, then just try and sit and tap into your inner self.

The Universe knows your problems, but they also wants to give you instruction on how to deal with this problem.  Just fixing our problems without us working at it ourselves isn’t teaching us anything.  Any good parenting book would tell you that.  The Universe wants to give us strategies on how to deal with our troubles.  They aren’t going to just make it magically disappear.

Our bodies are built very similar to that of our planet.  We see great beauty on this outside of our Earth, but the inside of this incredible ball of life is where all the real riches are.  We have to start digging inside of ourselves for these riches.  If we take the time and sit with our Creator, he will show us where to dig.  He will give you guidance on where all the gold inside of you is hidden.

You really aren’t a spiritual person until you tap into the spirit inside of you.  You can go to all the religious ceremonies there are in your area, quote scriptures and make yourself think you are this spiritual person, but it takes time and commitment to tap into this part of your body.  Just like digging for gold, it isn’t going to happen overnight.  It takes patience, perseverance and reverence to find this part of your mind, but once you do, you will have the most abundant life that you would ever dream for.  The riches that are found in every single one of us are placed there as a gift for us.  They are just given to us to have, but just like any gift, you have to peel off the wrapping paper, and dig into the box before you are going to see what awaits you.  Just like this gift of the spirit.  It is awaiting you.  It just might take some time to get this gift open.

Open up your gifts today!


Name Game

I find men fascinating.  As I am watching my son grow up, and become a man, the same trends are happening, that most men exhibit.  One of these fascinations is their need to call other people in their peer group or sporting community by another name other than their birth name.  Since my son has been born, he has gained quite a few names over the last 15 years.  Lately, his names have ranged from the long lasting “G” to “Make-A-Wish” since he was very sick this past year and lost weight that he didn’t have to lose.

One day, I also stumbled across a name pronounced Oh-she-yah.  It was spelt Oshea and it was referred to as a Biblical name.  I never recognized it as being a biblical name, so I researched it under Biblestudytools.com and this is what I learned, “o-she’-a, o’-she-a (the Revised Version (British and American) “Hoshea” (Numbers 13:8,16)): The original name of Joshua, the son of Nun, changed by Moses (Numbers 13:16) from Hoshea (hoshea`, “help”) to Joshua (yehoshua`, “help of Yahweh”).”  I was familiar with the Hoshea, but not Oshea version.

As my day went on, I sat down to get my weekly dose of “Swedenborg and Life” and on this particular episode I was watching titled, “10 Questions: Psychopaths, Miracles, and Effective Prayer,” a viewer sent in the question, “Was Swedenborg a follower of Jesus Christ?  He refers to the Lord, but I wonder how he viewed Christ?”

I was surprised to hear during C. Richard Bell’s explanation of this, that if we look at the name Jesus Christ, it’s a Greek translation of the Hebrew name Joshua pronounced yehosua, or Joshua. When we take this into consideration Jesus has many names as well.  In Hebrew they called him Joshua or Yehosua, then the Greeks translated it to something else that we now use.

Could this be true about other names in this world we live in?  Just like my son Gehrig who has multiple names within his community of friends and teammates.  C. Richard Bell just explained how Jesus really had different names as well.  Couldn’t God have multiple names too?  If there is only one God, one universal life force, who cares what we call it?  As long as we know that there is a superior force that controls the Universe and we live a loving and grace filled life?  We can call it soul, consciousness, God, the Divine, Buddah, Allah or the Tao.  As Allan Watt said, “You can’t get wet by the word water.”  It’s not what we title something that gives its substance, it’s its power that makes it real.

Why do we even have to give it a name at all?  I love the very first verse of the Tao written 500 years before the birth of Jesus by Lao-tzu.  It says, “The Tao that can be told, is not the eternal Tao.  The name that can be named; is not the eternal name.  The Tao is both named and nameless.  As nameless it is the origin of all things; as named it is the Mother of 10,000 things.  Ever desireless, one can see the mystery; ever desiring, one sees only the manifestations.  And the mystery itself is the doorway to all understanding.

Much of the Tao teaching is trying to teach people to let go.  The Tao which means “The Way” is trying to get us to stop naming and labeling thing and just become one with the Universe.  Let go of the need to name things in this world.  When we name things, then we classify them and then form beliefs around them.  Suddenly, we have this human desire to prove that our beliefs are the right beliefs.  Our egos kick in and we need to prove that we are right. But if you didn’t name these beliefs than you wouldn’t have the need to prove yourself right.

I’m trying to let go of this need to classify and name everything.  I just want to exhibit love, patience, kindness, joy, grace, compassion, generosity, and be all that is good to everyone.

My favorite quote that I’ve heard lately from the late Dr. Wayne Dyer really sums up this name game.  “You can either be a host to God or a hostage to your ego.  It’s your call!”