Evolving Education

Evolution is such a great thing!  I am lucky that I am witnessing the evolution in the educational system.  Back when I went to school the educational system was run totally different.  Who remembers things like “the short bus” or “SPED” classes?  I’m sure you all do.  It was such a discriminatory system and almost inhumane to the students that were label as different.

Thankfully, this does not go on at all.    We’ve grown as educators and followed the research.  Now, all students are treated as equals by everyone, or it is supposed to be in theory.  And equal doesn’t always mean the same.  It means that each student gets what they need based on their specific individual needs.

This inclusive environment is creating such a loving and caring environment within the classrooms and school environment.  The students with special needs are well looked after and not just pushed to the side.  Not only are they well looked after by the professionals in the building, but they are also deeply cared for by their peers.  Some days what I witness in my classroom would melt the hearts of parents on both sides of these interactions.  Children are made of love and compassion and it is wonderful witnessing their many blessings each and every day.

I am so pleased that the educational system has adopted this inclusive environment.  At first, you always have your nay- sayers that are negative about the changes and that the government is trying to implement, but now that it has been tried and tested I’ve noticed such a difference.

Sure, it is harder on the teachers making much more work for them, but the difference that it makes with the acceptance of each individual student has been incredible to watch.  The entire school environment is such a different place than the school environment that I was witness to as a child.  Again, evolution is such an incredible thing.

Life is all about learning and growing.  We make mistakes and learn from them.  Scientific research comes forth and we make adjustments based on their findings.  This growth is happening not just in the educational system, but all around us.  Thank goodness the health care profession is always changing and growing and that we don’t have the same health care system that we did fifty years ago.

Did you ever notice that not many religions evolve?  They stay with the exact same system that they had over two thousand years ago.  Are they inclusive?  Not many of them.  They all feel that they belong to a special “club” that has the only way to heaven.

Do you think God is inclusive?  Do you think he loves all his sons and daughters the same no matter what their religion or beliefs are?  I know I have two children and I love them both absolutely the same.  There is no difference between the love I have for one over the other.  One loves all the things that I love.  They love the same sports, the same food, the same clothes, the same hair-styles, just to name a few.  Another of my children is almost the polar opposite of me.  They like completely different things and some days I wonder if they got switched at birth, but I love them just as deeply as I love the child that is the exact same as myself.

Do you think God might be the same?  He might actually love the one that is different?  He might love the one that has been born into a different religion than your religion?  Do you think God looks at the religion you are, or the love and compassion that you have in your heart?

Christian church leaders have started this spiritual elitism from their interpretation from the Bible.  As we are all well aware that the New Testament tells us the Jesus is the only door to salvation (John 14:6) which promotes this exclusive country club mentality.

I am a Christian, who believes that Jesus was the son of God and rose from the dead after his crucifixion.  There is much historical evidence to support all this, but I am not opposed to thinking that maybe more than Christians go to Heaven.  I am not going to let my ego take on this spiritual arrogance and think that I am better than other people because of what I was born into.  I am also not going to close my mind off to other religious beliefs that have great lessons to be learned as well.

I feel that it is time for organized religions, like the educational system, to broaden their minds and realize that God has no favorites.  He loves all his creations the same.  Perhaps, could God want the world to be inclusive, just like our educational system?

Religious beliefs are a minuscule item in the grand scheme of life.  It’s what is in our hearts that matter.  I feel that God just wants us to all love one another and accept each other for our differences, even if we might believe in a different form of him.  Once we start to adopt this way of thinking there won’t be any bullying or looking down on people because they are different.  The world might become a more loving place and hopefully this killing for religious beliefs may finally come to an end.

If God is the creator of the universe, and you believe this, than how can you not understand that he might have created different people of different religions for a greater purpose.  Possibly we are just too close minded and egocentric to understand his incredible plan for this world?

It’s time to evolve and let go of our Country Club mentality and love everyone as God does.  Just like they were your own son or daughter.  I bet he’d be very proud of us, just as I am when I see my students act in a love and compassionate way towards students of difference!