Vegetable Medley

Have you ever eaten off a buffet?  I’m a huge fan of buffets!  I’m not that big of an eater, so I definitely lose money when I eat at one, but I love the variety that it offers my palate.  A little taste of this, a little taste of that, makes for a great meal especially when you are hungry!  Even if it is a waste of money for me, I still make the choice to have lots of variety on my plate.

Imagine if all we had to eat was one certain kind of vegetable.  That was it.  Whether you like it or not, that was the only method of ingesting the vitamins and minerals that vegetables offer.  When I look at the four people in my family, there is a wide variety to their favorite vegetable.  My husband’s favorite vegetable is carrots and he doesn’t care for many other kinds of vegetables besides potatoes.  Our son is much the same and will only eat potatoes and raw vegetables, and really is only a fan of carrots smothered in dip.  Our daughter on the other hand loves a variety of different vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, turnip, yellow beans…her list is endless, as is my own.

Do you think I have a hard time making sure everyone is happy at supper time?  Do you think it is easy for me to ensure that my family is getting the proper nutritional value out of their meal times when all I have to work with for my son is potatoes and raw carrots?  Aren’t you glad that we have a huge buffet of vegetables to choose from at the grocery store so that our pallet doesn’t get bored of eating one kind of vegetable?  I’m sure you’ve heard the expression that a colorful plate is a healthy plate.  The more colors of vegetables that you can get into you the healthier your body will be.  Isn’t that a nice thought?

Picture it if we were all the same on earth.  Imagine if we only had one vegetable to ever eat on this earth.  Wouldn’t that get boring after a while?  Think about it if we only had peas to eat.  God created us all different with different color skin, different sexes, different nationalities, different languages, and different religions to appeal to some people who might not like peas.

My husband hates peas, but they are my favorite vegetable.  I can push my belief that peas are the tastiest vegetable of all time and that I am going to much healthier than my husband by eating peas, but if he doesn’t enjoy the taste of peas, he is not going to ever understand why I love peas so much.  I can preach and preach and preach about the health benefits of peas, but if peas give my husband a bad taste in his mouth is he ever going to like peas?  Will he ever give peas a try?  They might never click with him, no matter how much I push peas on him.

My son, on the other hand, only likes carrots.  That is the only vegetable that he enjoys and he only eats them if they are raw and with dip.  At least he is eating one vegetable.  If all he had were peas for a choice, I know my son, he would choose to eat nothing at all.

Thankfully there are many vegetables available to give our bodies vitamins and nourishment, and it’s ok if you only like one vegetable.  That is why there are choices in this great world we live in.  To give us options.  Not everyone is going to like peas and the world of differences give some assorted selections in this lifetime.  Aren’t options wonderful?

It’s time that the pea lovers in this world realize that it is fantastic that they love peas, and they think peas are the only thing to eat in order be all that they are created to be, but how boring would it be if we stopped eating all the rest of the vegetables and the other vegetables ceased to exist?  Let the world have its buffet of vegetables and choices for our bodies to attract to.  Let people draw to the vegetable that they love.

Who cares if someone wants to have a same sex marriage, or if a person feels that they are a man in a woman’s body?  Nobody knows how these people feel inside of their own skin but them.  Why is it any of your concern if a person chooses to believe in a different religion than you?  Why must we feel that our religion is superior to others and that there is only one way to heaven?  If there is only one God, than don’t you think he might have created all the religions to give us a great spiritual buffet to choose from?

Our Divine Creator gave us all choices for a great reason, so that we could enjoy the great buffet that this wonderful blue marbled planet offers to all of us.  From sexuality, to religion, to languages.  It all has to do with where we were born and who we were created to be.  Just let people be what they want to be and let the Universe work things out for itself.

Love one another for all of their diversities and what everyone offers to this wonderful buffet that life is.  Who wants to eat only peas for the rest of their life?  They are my favorite vegetable, but even I love a change and a great variety on my plate.  Wouldn’t you?


Homemade Happiness

My sister-in-law makes the most amazing homemade, hand-knit sweaters of all time.  From the moment I tried my first one on I was instantly in love.  The weight of the sweater, coupled with the softness of the yarn and the wrapping of the design made me feel like I was participating in the biggest hug of my life.  I couldn’t believe the way it make my body feel.  It was like nothing I had ever seen in a store or anything I possibly thought money could buy.

I stumbled across an article one time on Medical News Today about weighted blankets and their health benefits.  If you are someone who experiences anxiety, these weighted blankets or my sister-in-law’s sweaters may be for you.  Did you know that the heaviness of these blankets imitate the deep pressure touch that has a soothing effect for people’s moods.  In reality they mimic a hug which we all know releases oxytocin which is the hormone responsible for lowering our blood pressure and slowing our heart-rate which provide us with a feeling of relaxation and happiness.

It also releases serotonin which is a chemical in the brain responsible for improving our moods.  Other ways weighted blankets may help is reducing or managing the symptoms of autism, PTSD, sleep disorders and nervous system disorders.  These benefits are much the same when you wear these sweaters that my sister-in-law knits.  Just wearing it will improve your mood.  I promise!

So many of us could use the benefits that these weighted blankets or my sister-in-law’s sweaters.  Today’s society is constantly looking for happiness outside of themselves.  They will be happy when they get a bigger house.  A nice new car is what will bring them some joy.  A promotion would be their answer to happiness.  A different mate will make them happy because this person is different—they are their “soul mate”.

We all make excuses for our own sad states of happiness.  We think that happiness is hidden somewhere and that life is a treasure hunt and we are on a mission to find this treasure.  It has to be hidden some place in our worlds!

You are right.  Happiness is hidden within each and every one of us.  It’s homemade.  We hand-knit our own happiness.  We can’t buy it at a store.  We aren’t going to get it if our husband or wife change.  It probably won’t come if we get that promotion that we’ve been looking for at work.  We won’t find it in a different life partner.  We will only find it if we put the effort into knitting our own happiness.

Society has brainwashed us into thinking differently.  The world of advertisements make us believe that happiness is something we can buy.  Hollywood has hoodwinked us into thinking our happiness is found in the budding of a new romance or that our prince-charming is waiting for us somewhere in this world and we are up for the challenge of finding him.  Sadly, we aren’t going to make anyone happy until we are happy with our selves.

I am the biggest promoter of my sister-in-law’s hand-knit sweaters, I brag about them to everyone I meet.  I wish everyone could experience the joy that this sweater brings my body.  It really is a big hug.  Who doesn’t love a hug?  However, I am also a big advocate of finding happiness within yourself.  For some reason we like to create our own turmoil.  We want to invent fears, anxieties and stress that really shouldn’t exist, but we fixate on things until we make ourselves crazy.

Just like taking time to hand-knit a sweater, we have to start taking time to fall in love with ourselves and see in ourselves the way others probably see us.  Why are we our own biggest critics?

Meditation is a great way to knit yourself some happiness.  It gives us time to form a relationship with ourselves and learn just how wonderful we really are.  It helps us see things in our lives without fear and anxiety clouding our judgment.  All the worldly aspects that we have been chasing after, start to reveal themselves for what they truly are.  Impermanent objects that only bring our egos happiness for a small amount of time.  These things aren’t permanent.  Nothing is.  Only our own spirit that inhibits our body is the single most important and everlasting object that we have to work with.  We might as well try to bring our spirit the most happiness we possibly can.

Happiness is truly handmade.  It is not something you can buy, or that someone else will ever bring to you.  It is inside of you.  Sometimes you just have to sit by yourself and feel the amazing strength of the love of the Universe.  Once you feel this love, you will want more and more of it.  Just like these hand-knit sweaters.  My sister-in-law lovingly knit three sweaters for me and still want more!


Beautiful Baking

I have to admit—I hate to bake.  Thank goodness my mother, and now my daughter, both enjoy baking so I get to have the pleasure of eating fresh, homemade baked goods without suffering through the painful process that I find baking to be.

It’s hard to please everyone when it comes to baking, and my mother tries very hard to reach the majority of her clientele, but my daughter seems to feel left out when it comes to her selection of treats to bake.  Everyone but my daughter enjoys cheesecakes, pies, and cakes, but these aren’t my daughter’s kind of treats.  She likes goodies like brownies, cookies or frogs.  Totally different than the rest of my family.

Lately, she has been taking it upon herself to make her favorite baked goods for supper time desserts, which I welcome with open arms.  I like most all desserts and encourage her to get familiar with the kitchen and all that it entails.  Definitely there are life skills to be taught in the kitchen and especially with baking.

As she whipped up her brownie batter one day, it got me to thinking.  This yummy chocolate batter was all the same, evenly whipped and blended in her mixing bowl.  She poured it into her greased baking dish and still the batter was all uniform and the same.

She put it in the oven for the recommended 25 minutes that the recipe called for, and when she took it out it seemed to be completely baked, but it wasn’t quite uniform.  The outer perimeter of the brownies was cooked more that the middle.  She left it with the center being not as baked as the outside rim because the recipe called for only 25 minutes.

When we cut into the brownies, it still remained that they were dry and cooked on the outside, but slightly undercooked and mushy in the center.  Some of the brownie didn’t quite get cooked as much as the rest of the mixture.  Does that make the mixture any different?  Absolutely not.  It is still the exact same ingredients.

Imagine if the brownies could talk or express themselves.  Do you think the outer perimeter of the brownie would start making fun of the middle part of the brownie?  Do you think the undercooked brownie would feel inferior because it didn’t get its proper cooking time?  Do you think the outer layer of brownie would feel superior to the rest of the brownie?  Probably all if this would happen if they acted like human beings do!

Somehow people forget that we all come from the same mixture.  We are all mixed in the same mixing bowl of this life.  We all have the same ingredients inside of each and every one of us.  We are all created equal.  Whether we are rich or poor, tall or short, black or white, English or French, or Christian or Muslim.  We all have to share the same baking dish called Earth.  Just because we don’t look the same doesn’t mean we aren’t all a part of the same mixture.  We are all apart of each other.  We have to learn to love the part of other people that are really a part of each and every one of us.

It’s time that society puts away this superiority complex that they have developed over the centuries and realize that there is no superior race, religion, language, sex, or country.  We are all a part of this wonderful baking dish that we call Earth and we are also all a part of the trees, mountains, rivers and land.  Let’s revolutionize our thinking and learn to love our baking dish and our finished product, even if we aren’t completely the same after 25 minutes of being in the oven.  Our mixture is made of all the same ingredients whether we want to admit it or not.  Most of all, we are all a part of each other.  Like it or not.

Tasty treats are available for all of us to enjoy in this world.  Let’s start loving people for their differences and watch this baking dish of life turn into an exquisite desert for all of us to enjoy!