Beautiful Baking

I have to admit—I hate to bake.  Thank goodness my mother, and now my daughter, both enjoy baking so I get to have the pleasure of eating fresh, homemade baked goods without suffering through the painful process that I find baking to be.

It’s hard to please everyone when it comes to baking, and my mother tries very hard to reach the majority of her clientele, but my daughter seems to feel left out when it comes to her selection of treats to bake.  Everyone but my daughter enjoys cheesecakes, pies, and cakes, but these aren’t my daughter’s kind of treats.  She likes goodies like brownies, cookies or frogs.  Totally different than the rest of my family.

Lately, she has been taking it upon herself to make her favorite baked goods for supper time desserts, which I welcome with open arms.  I like most all desserts and encourage her to get familiar with the kitchen and all that it entails.  Definitely there are life skills to be taught in the kitchen and especially with baking.

As she whipped up her brownie batter one day, it got me to thinking.  This yummy chocolate batter was all the same, evenly whipped and blended in her mixing bowl.  She poured it into her greased baking dish and still the batter was all uniform and the same.

She put it in the oven for the recommended 25 minutes that the recipe called for, and when she took it out it seemed to be completely baked, but it wasn’t quite uniform.  The outer perimeter of the brownies was cooked more that the middle.  She left it with the center being not as baked as the outside rim because the recipe called for only 25 minutes.

When we cut into the brownies, it still remained that they were dry and cooked on the outside, but slightly undercooked and mushy in the center.  Some of the brownie didn’t quite get cooked as much as the rest of the mixture.  Does that make the mixture any different?  Absolutely not.  It is still the exact same ingredients.

Imagine if the brownies could talk or express themselves.  Do you think the outer perimeter of the brownie would start making fun of the middle part of the brownie?  Do you think the undercooked brownie would feel inferior because it didn’t get its proper cooking time?  Do you think the outer layer of brownie would feel superior to the rest of the brownie?  Probably all if this would happen if they acted like human beings do!

Somehow people forget that we all come from the same mixture.  We are all mixed in the same mixing bowl of this life.  We all have the same ingredients inside of each and every one of us.  We are all created equal.  Whether we are rich or poor, tall or short, black or white, English or French, or Christian or Muslim.  We all have to share the same baking dish called Earth.  Just because we don’t look the same doesn’t mean we aren’t all a part of the same mixture.  We are all apart of each other.  We have to learn to love the part of other people that are really a part of each and every one of us.

It’s time that society puts away this superiority complex that they have developed over the centuries and realize that there is no superior race, religion, language, sex, or country.  We are all a part of this wonderful baking dish that we call Earth and we are also all a part of the trees, mountains, rivers and land.  Let’s revolutionize our thinking and learn to love our baking dish and our finished product, even if we aren’t completely the same after 25 minutes of being in the oven.  Our mixture is made of all the same ingredients whether we want to admit it or not.  Most of all, we are all a part of each other.  Like it or not.

Tasty treats are available for all of us to enjoy in this world.  Let’s start loving people for their differences and watch this baking dish of life turn into an exquisite desert for all of us to enjoy!