Vegetable Medley

Have you ever eaten off a buffet?  I’m a huge fan of buffets!  I’m not that big of an eater, so I definitely lose money when I eat at one, but I love the variety that it offers my palate.  A little taste of this, a little taste of that, makes for a great meal especially when you are hungry!  Even if it is a waste of money for me, I still make the choice to have lots of variety on my plate.

Imagine if all we had to eat was one certain kind of vegetable.  That was it.  Whether you like it or not, that was the only method of ingesting the vitamins and minerals that vegetables offer.  When I look at the four people in my family, there is a wide variety to their favorite vegetable.  My husband’s favorite vegetable is carrots and he doesn’t care for many other kinds of vegetables besides potatoes.  Our son is much the same and will only eat potatoes and raw vegetables, and really is only a fan of carrots smothered in dip.  Our daughter on the other hand loves a variety of different vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, turnip, yellow beans…her list is endless, as is my own.

Do you think I have a hard time making sure everyone is happy at supper time?  Do you think it is easy for me to ensure that my family is getting the proper nutritional value out of their meal times when all I have to work with for my son is potatoes and raw carrots?  Aren’t you glad that we have a huge buffet of vegetables to choose from at the grocery store so that our pallet doesn’t get bored of eating one kind of vegetable?  I’m sure you’ve heard the expression that a colorful plate is a healthy plate.  The more colors of vegetables that you can get into you the healthier your body will be.  Isn’t that a nice thought?

Picture it if we were all the same on earth.  Imagine if we only had one vegetable to ever eat on this earth.  Wouldn’t that get boring after a while?  Think about it if we only had peas to eat.  God created us all different with different color skin, different sexes, different nationalities, different languages, and different religions to appeal to some people who might not like peas.

My husband hates peas, but they are my favorite vegetable.  I can push my belief that peas are the tastiest vegetable of all time and that I am going to much healthier than my husband by eating peas, but if he doesn’t enjoy the taste of peas, he is not going to ever understand why I love peas so much.  I can preach and preach and preach about the health benefits of peas, but if peas give my husband a bad taste in his mouth is he ever going to like peas?  Will he ever give peas a try?  They might never click with him, no matter how much I push peas on him.

My son, on the other hand, only likes carrots.  That is the only vegetable that he enjoys and he only eats them if they are raw and with dip.  At least he is eating one vegetable.  If all he had were peas for a choice, I know my son, he would choose to eat nothing at all.

Thankfully there are many vegetables available to give our bodies vitamins and nourishment, and it’s ok if you only like one vegetable.  That is why there are choices in this great world we live in.  To give us options.  Not everyone is going to like peas and the world of differences give some assorted selections in this lifetime.  Aren’t options wonderful?

It’s time that the pea lovers in this world realize that it is fantastic that they love peas, and they think peas are the only thing to eat in order be all that they are created to be, but how boring would it be if we stopped eating all the rest of the vegetables and the other vegetables ceased to exist?  Let the world have its buffet of vegetables and choices for our bodies to attract to.  Let people draw to the vegetable that they love.

Who cares if someone wants to have a same sex marriage, or if a person feels that they are a man in a woman’s body?  Nobody knows how these people feel inside of their own skin but them.  Why is it any of your concern if a person chooses to believe in a different religion than you?  Why must we feel that our religion is superior to others and that there is only one way to heaven?  If there is only one God, than don’t you think he might have created all the religions to give us a great spiritual buffet to choose from?

Our Divine Creator gave us all choices for a great reason, so that we could enjoy the great buffet that this wonderful blue marbled planet offers to all of us.  From sexuality, to religion, to languages.  It all has to do with where we were born and who we were created to be.  Just let people be what they want to be and let the Universe work things out for itself.

Love one another for all of their diversities and what everyone offers to this wonderful buffet that life is.  Who wants to eat only peas for the rest of their life?  They are my favorite vegetable, but even I love a change and a great variety on my plate.  Wouldn’t you?