Where does the time go?  I can’t believe that it is the first of November already!  I’m finally getting back into our fall/winter routine with our busy sports and school schedule and with this new season, I also have been implementing a few new rules in our home.  I’m trying to break the cell phone addiction, and it is seems to be more painful than I expected.

I love my children and both of them are fairly busy with sports, but the days that they don’t have sports I have deemed that they have to go an hour without ANY screen time.  No TV, no phones, no tablets or computers.  Nothing.  They can read, meditate, clean the home, or just hang out with family or friends.

An hour doesn’t seem like a long time, but in all honesty it is if you don’t have something productive to do with your time.  At the end of the hour I enjoy listening to the items that my children actually did accomplish, and I am proud that they are getting better at it as time goes on.

Our world might have everything at our finger tips; knowledge, communication, shopping, and even food; but what we don’t have is knowledge, communication or a relationship with our inner self.  We have this powerful world of the Internet, but what we really need is an “Inner-Net”.  A means for us to tap into our own personal power.  Get in touch with who we really are.  What makes us tick.

If only plugging into someone’s Wi-Fi, or using our data could guide us to find this within ourselves we would be all set.  But it is not that easy.  We actually have to plug into ourselves.  Just like forming a relationship or getting to know a friend, we have to form a relationship with ourselves.  We have to actually put some quality time and energy into getting to know ourselves.  Communicating with ourselves.  And, most importantly, learning to love ourselves.

Do you remember when you first fell in love with someone?  How you couldn’t get enough of them.  You wanted to be with them day and night.  You would stay up all night chatting about each other’s life experiences, their likes and dislikes and just getting to know every area of the person’s world.

You might think, “I already know everything I need to know about myself.”  But this isn’t true.  There are hidden emotions that are buried in your subconscious.  There are mental scars that you pushed under the rug.  People have said things to you that wounded your self-esteem and you believe these horrible lies that were told to you.  Unless you can truly say that you love every inch of yourself and there is nothing that you would change about yourself, just like that person that you fell head over heels for, than you need to get to know yourself better.

Have you ever lifted up a heavy rock that grass grows all around?  Is there grass growing under that heavy rock?  No.  There is no sun hitting the ground beneath the rock to help the grass grow.  That is much the same as yourself if you are buried in the avalanche of a busy life like most of us are.  You have to allow yourself to slowdown and shine some light under that rock of life.

How do you do this?  Through mindfulness.  Taking time away from your phone, TV, computers, and life in general and just sit, or walk, or do the dishes mindfully.  Do the dishes for the sake of doing the dishes.  Not hurrying through them so you can catch your latest addiction on Netflix.  Not doing the dishes thinking about how horrible your day was.  Just do the dishes.  In silence.  Or sit in silence for a while just to sit in silence.  If a thought comes into your head, deal with that thought.  Then move on.

Just like many children are addicted to screens, adults can also get addicted to worry and anxiety that comes with this craziness we call life.  In order to break ourselves of this habit we have to go within ourselves and find what it is we need.  We need to find our own “Inner-Net”.  Our own way of communicating with ourselves.  It’s time we stop repeating the same mistakes that our subconscious is programmed to make.  We have to quit dwelling on the past, thinking about the future and live in the now.  With our amazing selves.

Dial into your own incredible “Inner-Net” power that lives vibrantly inside of you.  It has all your answers to all your problems, but you have to learn to listen to yourself.  There are many answers waiting for you that are even closer than your fingertips.

You have something alive inside of you that is even more powerful that the Internet.  It’s your intuition.  It’s your sixth sense.  We all have it, but is yours buried under that rock?  If so, it is time to lift that rock, take some time for yourself and find your true self.

Try and break your habits, just like I’m trying to break the habits of my children.  You may be pleasantly surprised with the change.  Mindfully take some time for yourself.  Start to get to really know yourself.  I promise if you do, you will fall deeper in love with yourself that you have ever loved anyone before.  Then it doesn’t matter who wrongs you, or hurts you because you always have the most powerful resource inside of yourself.  Your own “Inner-Net”!!!