New Year’s Light

I love the New Year!  Such a fresh start to life.  For some reason, every New Year, I think of Genesis.  That first book of the Bible, that makes us remember how we ever ended up here.  It took six days and nights then BAM!  New Year’s number one was here!  Imagine the celebration!!!  Whoop!  Whoop!

I find it fascinating the entire creation story.  In all honesty, my favorite part of the Genesis story is Genesis 1:3, “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”  I’m all about the symbolism of the Bible, and I think this goes much deeper than the verse says, and it isn’t just in the creation of time that this happens, it happens around us on a daily basis.

Did you ever wonder why in the Bible there was light on Day 1, but the sun, moon and stars were not created until Day 4?  Could it be that the six days of creation, essentially is not the literal description of the creation of the universe, but instead our own physical creations as humans?  With the evidence of the light coming before the sun and the moon, it makes me wonder.

Just like from our own birth.  We are in the darkness of the womb of our mothers and then when our time comes, “And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.”  BAM!  We are faced with the bright light of the world around us.  We were created first and then we see the light.  We have to learn how to survive in this new found light.  Then it takes us an entire lifetime dealing with life in this new world.  It is our creation story, but very much the same as the original creation story in Genesis.

Not only at our birth do we see the light.  As we mature and find our way in this world many time we go through much darkness.  Maybe we are going through a financial struggle and we can’t imagine ever getting out of it.  Many of us suffer from depression and anxiety and can’t imagine life ever turning around for us.  We go through devastations in our personal lives by losing loved ones, or even divorce.  We find ourselves in this never ending black hole of life with no signs of hope.

During these dark times of our lives we have many choices on how we can handle or maneuver in our worlds.  We can continue on our path of no return, or we can make a few changes that can set us in a different direction in hope that the light might be found.  Our first change is that we have to open up our minds and not take life so literal.  We need to free our minds from this finite thinking we’ve been conditioned to have.  We have to approach life without all the brainwashing that our lives have been put under for many years.

The first day of the first year of this planet earth it was said, “And darkness was upon the faces of the deep and the spirit of God moved upon the faces of the waters. And God said, Let there be light.” Genesis 1:2.   Who can see that this is really the darkness that we have when we are in anxious and doubtful.  Those people who are searching for the light but cannot find it.  How many of us feel like we are in the deep abyss of despair, but something brings us out of it to finally see the truth.  Kind of ironic isn’t it?

There are many hidden meanings in the Bible, and that is what makes reading it and spending time with God so incredible.  We’ve learned so many great things since the beginning of time.  We, as humans, have evolved greatly.  I know the way I raise my children from the way I was raised are two totally different worlds, as I am sure generations before this would say the same thing.  We’ve improved in so many ways, but one way I feel we haven’t evolved is in spirituality.  So many people still take the Bible is such a literal sense.  Many people won’t open their minds up to there being a deeper meaning to the word of God.

Genesis and the creation of the world really being symbolic to our own creation and development is just one of the many symbolic stories in the Bible.  We have scientific proof that the world wasn’t created in six days.  How could there be a measurable day and night if the sun and moon didn’t show up until the fourth day of creation?

Ken Ham from “Answers in Genesis” says, “The majority of Christians (including many Christian leaders) in the Western world, however, do not insist that these days of creation were ordinary-length days, and many of them accept and teach, based on outside influences, that they must have been long periods of time—even millions or billions of years.”  If Christians can bend the rules for this book of the Bible and realize that these words in this section of the Bible don’t line up, then why can’t we see that many of the words don’t line up and that the Bible is a symbolic text for us to figure out and not take so literally.  We can’t have an open mind for one book of the Bible, and not the rest.

This new year, why don’t you try to open your mind up to new beginnings.  Keep an open mind to everything in your world, not just the Bible.  Remember that defending your beliefs is just the ego needing to reassure itself that its thoughts are the only thoughts to have.  God has no ego.  Open your mind up to that fact and your entire universe will change!