Spiritual Housing

I am so grateful and blessed for the house that my family and I live in.  I love everything about our home.  Our home is a “split entry” home where we all have spacious bedrooms, along with a meditation room and a big home gym.  The favorite part of our home is the kitchen and dining room that is all one.  I never wanted a formal dining room and didn’t see the need of this planning our home.  To me a home gym is much more important than a formal dining room, but that is because I value the importance of exercise.  But this is our home.  It’s not for everyone.

I love it even more that I get to share this home with my husband and our children.  I love our children more than I ever thought I could ever love, as I know all mothers feel.  As soon as these little innocent humans came into my life I was determined to be the best mother I could be.  That of course led me to reading parenting books where I learned so much.  Then, I eagerly applied my learnings to our home and our world as a family.

One of the favorite things that I learned was to never label your children.  I found this very difficult to implement, because we live in a society that labels everything.  I mean everything.  As difficult as it was, I refused to bow to the societal pressures and I never labeled my children…or tried my best not to.

I feel the same way about our lives.  We label ourselves but is it really healthy?  In all honesty does it matter in the grand scheme of things what color our skin is?  Does it matter where we were born?  Or our culture?  Not really, unless you make it important.  That is your ego kicking in to help define who you are as a person.  When you’re really not a person, but a soul.  You are merely a soul inhibiting a body.  Just like I’m a human inhibiting my home.

Do you care what color our house is?  Should you?  Do you care if there is no formal dining room in our home or that I chose to have a home gym in our house?  Again, you should care less.  These are all just personal preferences.  Do we judge people on the color of their home?  Or the rooms that they choose to put in their house.  Do we judge people for their wants and dis-wants in their home?  Why can’t we do the same with our human homes?  We really are just a soul housed in a body, so who cares what color of home they choose to house their soul in?

We have to not only stop labeling children but also look at not labeling people at all.  In any form.  Why do we have to label ourselves spiritually?  It’s all just to put a word on our beliefs.  It’s just a way for your ego to get boosted by thinking their belief is the only way.  There are so many labels.  Agnostic.  Jew.  Christian.  Buddhist.  Hindu.  Atheist.  From Christianity alone you could then sub-label yourself Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal.  Why?  Is there any need for this?

I would like to see people put the most value in their lives on kindness.  All religions stress the value of kindness but are they kind to people who don’t fit into their label of what their teaching home should look like?  Some do.  Some don’t.  As soon as judgment kicks in kindness is out the front door.  As soon as judgment is in your thoughts your ego has also kicked in hard and that is one thing that I have been trying to eliminate from our home.

I love this quote from A Course in Miracles“What you think you are is a belief to be undone.”  It’s time that we open our homes up and let the breeze clean out the cobwebs that have created over many years of our egos running our homes and let new ideas float in.

I’m a person who absolutely loves Jesus and adores his teachings.  I feel the Universe has a Divine guidance system that is above any of my understanding.  I also love learning about other spiritual masters’ works and I keep my home open to all things spiritual.  I educate myself on it all and don’t close the front door of my home to anything and through this I’m finding if I was made to label my religion it would be the religion of Kindness.

Do you think there is any need of labeling myself?  If God was writing his own parenting book, do you think he would write about the risk of labeling HIS children?  Do you really think God’s ego needs to hear me say, “I am a Christian.”?  No.  God has no ego.  It is the labeled religion that needs to hear you say what they need you to say.  Not God.  God sees what is hanging on the walls of your home…what is in your heart.

Once we undo all these beliefs that have been clogging up our homes we can let kindness take over.  Kindness shouldn’t be a label, or a religion, but a way of life.  Be kind to everyone and stop looking at the color of their home, the rooms they decide to put in their home or whether they live in a bungalow, a split level, split entry, or a two story.  What does it matter?  Who cares about the colors they paint their walls?  Just let them live in the home they want to live in with nothing but kindness as their support beams.  That is what builds a strong home!