Impress or Express?

Social media.  Isn’t it a great thing?  The only social media that I am accustomed to using is Facebook, and I guess that is referred to by the younger population as “only for old people.”  I don’t consider myself to be old, but I guess I am in comparison to the little tikes that are on social media now days.  I am trying to bust my way on Instagram, but even that I don’t totally understand yet.  I guess I will continue to use the “old people” method.

This old person scrolls through social media quite often while waiting in the grocery line, during my breaks at work, waiting for my take-out order at a restaurant, or any time I find myself waiting around for something.  That is what I use social media for, and of course, my blogs.  I also store my pictures on Facebook.  There is nothing like seeing a picture from seven years ago to make your heart sink.

As I scroll through these sites seeing people updating your status constantly, I always think, why are you doing that?  Some people are constantly posting selfies, especially the teeny-boppers, and again I think why are they doing that?  Some people feel the need to constantly let the world know what they are doing through social media.  Why do they feel the need to do this?

Finally one of my spiritual courses that I am taking shed some light on this for me.  Applying Shamatic and Spiritual Principles to Awaken Your Soul is a course I started taking because it was in line with my New Year’s Resolution to get rid of my ego, but I am learning so much more than I thought I would with this course.  Did you know that neediness can strip yourself of spiritual energy?  I had no idea!

He explains, that people’s need to express themselves like this on social media as a form of fulfilling a need.  They are consciously or unconsciously seeking validation from others but the sad part is that when we do this we are giving our spiritual energy to others.  If our lives are full of drama that we share with others in an unconscious attempt to get their love, support or attention, then this is giving away our spiritual energy by seeking love outside of ourselves.  I knew how important self-love was, but I didn’t realize it was this important.   I need all the spiritual energy I can get.

I teach a classroom of 25 very needy ten year olds who get overly emotional about many different life situations.  I expect this from a ten year old, but I am sure you all have those others in your life that make the littlest things into the biggest of problems.  Dwelling on their problems and not letting things go.  If you are one of these people, you should ask yourself the question, why?  This why will actually set you free and stop sucking the spiritual energy from you.

The rule of thumb is to keep in mind two little words.  Impress and express.  If you are doing something to IMPRESS someone, then you know that is your neediness coming out.  If you are thinking about the reaction of others, then we are seeking their approval.  You are being needy. If you are doing it to EXPRESS yourself and who you are to others and don’t really care what people think then that is a different story.  If you feel wonderful about who you are and are not seeking to be externally validated by others, than that is not being needy.  It’s about the inside of who we are.  Not the outside.

Be conscious about your actions.  If you give a compliment to someone are you giving the compliment to impress the person, or are you giving it to express your feelings?  When you are being funny around a bunch of your friends, are you trying to impress the people around you or are you just laughing and have fun to show people who you really are?  Keep the words impress and express in the back of your mind at all time.  Again, it is an ego thing.  If you are trying to impress, that is your ego needing validation.  If you are just expressing who you really are, that is the true you shining through.

Writing these blogs, I get people saying things to me all the time.  Positive and negative.  The funniest is when children start talking about them, and I know that they haven’t read my blogs, but obviously their parents have and are making fun of them in front of them.  That is fine with me.  I don’t let my ego get involved at all.  I am writing these to express my feelings and try to help people on their road to spirituality.  That is my target audience.  I feel it is my job to write these things that come to my brain.  They actually won’t leave my brain until I finally put them down on paper.  Am I writing them to impress people?  Not a chance.  My words cannot make a difference in egocentric, needy people.  I am writing them to express the feelings that are put in my heart to help others on their journey.

I love what Deepak Chopra says, “Be happy for no reason, like a child.  If you are happy for a reason, you are in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.”  If you are needing people to make you happy and fill a need inside of you, then it is time to find another method of making yourself happy, like how amazing you are inside!  Self-love is all you need!  I also love this quote from Abraham Hicks, “In your neediness, you repel.  In your completeness you attract.”

It’s time for you to reclaim this spiritual energy that is rightfully yours.  It’s time to pay more attention to what you are posting on social media.  Are you posting it to boost your ego and see how many likes you will get from your latest selfie for that boost of confidence your low self-esteem is in need of?  Or are you posting it to express your feelings for that that day?  It’s always great to hear from others how wonderful you look, or how amazing you’ve become, but you should know all this in your heart without seeking outside validation.  You are imperfectly perfect…just like everyone else!