Why the Need to be Right?

Since the first day I’ve had my children, I’ve loved every age of their lives.  I would always say to them, “Stay this age forever.”  When they were two and four, I loved it.  When they were 10 and 12 I totally enjoyed them.  Even now, when they are 13 and 15 I still love their age.  Although people would warn me that the teenage years were going to be tough–I am still loving this age.  All ages have their pros and cons for sure, but I’ve always believed that children are what you put into them.  And with me, I guess all the craziness that I’ve put into them has served me well.

I will admit that there are times when their teenaged egos come out that I am quickly trying to remind them that their beasts are on the loose and to reel them in.  In reality, the only thing they really bicker over is whose sport is tougher.  Gymnastics or Baseball.

Picture the conversations.  My daughter trains 17 hours a week in the gym working hard at all different conditioning exercises.  She can whip off 10 chin-ups with her knees held at a 90 degree angle like it is nothing and catapult her body in the air and do two and a half twist while having the proprioception to land dead on her feet.  My son on the other hand couldn’t do the conditioning activities that she can do, but he does throw a mean fast ball quite fast and accurately and can hit the moving sphere over the fence for a home-run.

Their arguments are very equal, and they both are fantastic athletes at their chosen sports.  I try not to get involved in their need to prove themselves except to remind them that it is just their ego’s need to be right…not their consciousness.  In all reality, it matters not who is right or wrong.  But for some reason, human beings have a need to prove themselves.  This really comes out of people when it comes to religion and the right and the wrongs of this topic.

I watch a lot of Youtube videos and I love reading the comments of people.  This is when you see people’s egos really shining through and their need to prove that their way is the only way.  Just like my two children proving their belief of which sport is the best sport.

One of the most recent ones that caught my attention for her eagerness to express her beliefs to the world was from a Melissa Smith and she said, “How can you teach a “principle of religion” without teaching how to worship the GOD of ALL Religions?  Everyone, LORD KRISHNA, Son of Vrindarin, Lord of Dwarka, SUPREME GODHEAD HIMSELF is back!  Jesus, Muhammed or any of the Demigods are NOT the Supreme Lord of this planet and universe.  KRISHNA is LORD, teach them correctly or choose to be chastised by KRISHNA.”

I love the passion in these people, just like I love the passion in my children for their beloved sport, but is there really a right or wrong answer?  Faith is a wonderful gift, and I am happy Melissa Smith has such faith that Krishna is the only way to go, but we all know that Christians’ egos would be rearing it’s head and they would be screaming the verse from John 14:6,“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.””  Christians have that passion and faith too, but this is where the fighting starts.  Rhyming off verses from one spiritual text against the other spiritual text.  Why?  Why the need to be right?  Do we not agree that there is only one God who created the Universe?

This need to prove our faith to be the only way is all ego getting in the way of your consciousness.  Why can’t you just agree to disagree and respect each other’s beliefs?  Imagine how much more peace we would have in this world, if people would just let people love the sport they love and not compare, or let the person love the religion they love without comparison.  Picture a world where people didn’t push their beliefs of their favorite sport on others, or where people didn’t push their beliefs of their religion on others.  Would it be peaceful?

How many of you have had a sweet,  kind-hearted person knock on your door trying to explain to you why you should be interested in hearing about their Savior?  Do you enjoy that?  I love their enthusiasm, and time that they are devoting to try and help people see the world through their eyes!  I’m sure their savior changed their life around and saved them.  That is a story worth telling and sharing for sure and I think it is very honorable, but out of all the people I have opened my door too, I’ve immediately shut my mind off to hearing what they are trying to explain to me.  Again, I think their heart is definitely in the right spot, but my brain isn’t ready to listen to what they have to say.  I need to get there in my own time, and my own way.

Our world has evolved incredibly.  Before I would have been burned at the stake for expressing this to the world.  People would be banished by family members for saying such bold statements.  But, thankfully we are starting to wake up to the thoughts that maybe, there is more to this life than what we’ve been taught.  I like the way Swedenborg explains it all.  He says in Revelation Explained 950.3, “Whatever you love more than anything else, that is your god.”  We might not see ourselves as worshiping any other God but our God, but we are all guilty of having these outside “gods” like work, alcohol, drugs, food, sex, shopping, even a sport.  Whatever your addiction may, be that you are putting ahead of God, then that is worshiping another god.

Doesn’t this make so much sense?  Let’s kill our spiritual egos and stop this fighting over which religion is “the only one” and just love the Divine Creator of this incredible Universe. There is only one!!!