Flu season.  Yuck!  My least favorite time of the year, but something that we all have to endure.  I’ve been fortunate not to get too down and out with the latest bug, but when I was stricken, laying in my sickness, it got me to appreciate things.  The important things.  The things that matter.

Did you ever notice that when you are plagued with a cold or stomach virus, life starts to stand still?  All you care about is getting better.  You don’t care that your hair isn’t perfect, or your makeup isn’t done.  The dishes are piling up and the dust is starting to be visible on your furniture’s surface, but you could care less.  It doesn’t matter to you that the floors haven’t been swept in a few days or that the family is starting to run out of clean clothes.  All these trivial little things in life seem to vanish through the pain and suffering of your sickness.  Your focus is just getting yourself better so that you can start to take care of things again and get back to your “normal” life.

In all honesty, we have to start looking at life through the eyes of our “sick-self”, it is the smart self.  Our “sick-self” has its priorities straight.  It easily distinguishes between what is important in this life and what is secondary.  We have to start making more time to nurture this “sick-self”.  Pamper it the way it needs to be pampered.

We have to start training our “healthy-self” to act like our “sick-self” by making sure we get our primary needs met in front of anyone else’s.  It is necessary that we get proper sleep, nutrition, exercise, and time in silence every day.  We have to stop putting our “healthy-self” on the back burner of life.  We have to start making it the most important priority, then the rest of our lives will fall into place.

This doesn’t mean that we are selfish and become self-absorbed.  It just means that we look after ourselves first and then other loved ones after that.  We will have more energy, patience and love to pass around if we take care of ourselves like we were sick every day.  Focus on what is important in our lives.

I love this quote from A Course in Miracles, “Nothing outside yourself can save you; nothing outside yourself can give you peace. But this also means that nothing outside yourself can hurt you or disturb your peace or upset you in anyway.” 

We have to start saving ourselves, and loving ourselves so that we can have inner peace.  We need this inner peace to make our lives run smoother and get the most out of our days.  We are the only ones that can hurt ourselves and that is by neglecting ourselves.

Start making the changes in your life for yourself.  Start taking care of yourself  as you would take care of yourself when you are sick.  Before you leave the house in the morning get up early, like you would for a sick child…your “sick-self” to make sure they are well taken care of before you have to leave for the day.

Take this extra time that you set aside in the morning to do what makes you happy.  Sit in meditation or silence.  Exercise.  Do yoga.  Write in your Appreciation Journal.  Whatever it is that makes you feel happy and that makes you a better person, do it!  You are more than worth it!

Buddha put it a great way, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”   It’s time to start nursing your perceived “healthy-self” back to health.  Start today by making the changes necessary to make you, out of anyone in this entire universe, your first priority.  Take care of yourself like you were sick.  Watch how quickly your body heals and the flu season that you thought would never end will finally come to an end.

I’m a sucker for happy endings, and your happy ending is all up to you!  You bring yourself happiness, and you bring yourself upset.  Which will it be for you?