Personal Crucifixion

Being Easter weekend, it is hard not to reflect on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ…even if you aren’t religious or a believer.  If you know of, or ever read any of Gary Habermas’ books, he clearly and thoroughly points out that they have pure scientific evidence to support this historic event.  It is inarguable.  Whether we want to believe that Jesus Christ is the “son of God” or not, that is totally up to you, but we can’t fight this scientific evidence.

Looking at this sacrifice and hurt that this man went through, many of our lives reflect much of the same hurt and pain.  Maybe not to this degree, but some people would give him a run for his money.  How many of us have sacrificed ourselves for others?  How many of us have been cheated on?  How many of us have been lied to?  How many of us have been hurt by someone’s selfish deeds?  How many of us have been blamed for something that we never did?  How many of us have had to endure innocent suffering?

I know I sure have done all of these things to other people, and other people have done all of this to me.  It seems to be the way the world works.  As I get older, now I am watching my own children’s suffering for things that should have never happened to them.  It breaks my heart to see innocent people so affected by other people’s decisions.  Think about divorce.  How many innocent people are affected by this decision that is made by one or two people?  It affects so many people, but still people decide to go through this in their lifetimes, and so be it.  That is their walk.  No judgment.  Cancer…how many of us have innocently lost a loved one through this horrible disease?  This is not a choice, but it is devastating and affects many people all in the same.  Life just doesn’t seem fair.

As I try and learn how to become a better person, and transcend my ego, I am learning many great things that I want to share with you!  It makes life easier to understand.  Much of my reading and learning lately is really lining up.  I’m beginning to understand why I HAD to hurt people on my life’s journey.  I finally realize why the people that I love sometimes HAD to hurt me.  I’m even sympathetic to the people who are hurting my innocent children.  It’s all in our journeys to enlightenment.  We have to go through these pains to get to where we are meant to be.

I was looking at buying a book by Amorah Quan Yin, and before I ever buy a new author, I always search them on YouTube and see if there are any documentaries or videos of their talks that I can watch ensuring that our frequencies match.  Once I searched Amorah, the first video that popped up was, “Learning to Transcend Ego”.  Immediately, I knew I had to watch it.  This is my New Year’s Resolution and I am still hot on the hunt for information to diminish the negative ego in me.

She started talking about being hurt by others.  How we can’t take it personal.  We are all here on Earth for our spiritual journey (whether we want to admit it or not), and some of us are more enlightened than others.  She explained that if you have ever been lied to, betrayed, cheated on, or hurt in other ways by others, you should never take it personal.  The person that lied, betrayed or cheated on you, would have performed this negative act on anyone, not just you.  It was something this person has to go through to grow and become the person they were meant to be…and sadly, you were the person in the cross fire, so to speak.

If we see someone doing something we don’t like, we automatically go into judgment, which isn’t our place to judge.  Trust me, I know it’s hard!  When someone threatens to hurt your child, it is hard not to go into judgment, but it is possible.  I am learning, that I CAN stop these types of judgment.  I can release this negativity from me, because it is my negative ego that judges, that wants revenge, that gets upset and angry.  It is my negative ego that doesn’t even want to try and understand circumstances that might have made someone act this way.  When I take my ego out of the equation that is when I realize that this is the journey that this person has to take to grow and become more enlightened in this world.  My child just was caught in the drama of it all.  It could have been anyone.

Amorah gives the example of a spouse cheating on another spouse.  It is something this person needed to go through and they would have cheated no matter who they were married to, it is what they needed to do to grow as a human being and the other spouse shouldn’t take it personally.

These are just two examples to try and get my point across.  It’s hard to wrap your brain around…I know!  But, when you look at it from a non-negative ego perspective, it is easy to see the truth in it.  Just like Jesus’ crucifixion.  This was not what he should have had to endure, but it was his soul’s journey.  It was well planned out in advance.  Do you remember those last famous words he muttered while he was dying on the cross?  “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do” (Luke 23:24).

Even at the end of his life, he was not judging.  There was no anger.  Nothing but love.  That is what we have to try hard to model.  This endless love.  This non-judgement.  This non-attachment.  This non-resistance.  Just realize that everything (good and bad) happens for a reason.  You might not understand, but it is.  You don’t have to make sense out of it.  You don’t have to like it.  You just have to try your hardest to stop the judgment.  Stop the attachment.  Stop the resistance.  Just realize, this is your walk and this is the other person’s walk.  The soul’s journey.  It’s what we need to transform.

Every circumstance has a purpose for both people involved.  You have to just try and grow from all your experiences.  Good or bad.  As the old saying goes, “Good times become good memories.  Bad times become good lessons.”



Tapping Souls

Even though I live in a small little city, I’m a huge country-girl at heart and loved growing up in the country.  I’m especially fond of all the country things that my father taught us and my favorite was our frequent walks in the woods.  Getting in touch with nature.  When you live in the woods, you make the forest your playground.  Your science lab.  Your jungle gym.  Your field trips.  Your everything.

This time of the year, makes me really miss the country life.  As the snow is melting, the days are getting warmer and longer, and this would be the time that my dad would take us out to tap the trees.  It’s funny, when I tell my city friends this, they honestly have no clue what I am even talking about.  They look at me like I have three heads.  But tapping trees was always so much fun, and I just thought it was a part of everyone’s childhood.

This is when the forest became our science lab, and I loved every minute of it.  The sound of the forest waking up after the long cold winter.  The smell of the melting trees.  The sound of sap dripping into the bucket.  These were all my signs of Spring.  It always mystified me that trees could produce such a sweet nectar from deep inside their core.

My dad, my brother and I would set out with a drill to make a hole deep into the Maple tree’s center, and then we would put a bucket under the pipe that we hammered into the tree to capture its sap.  Patiently we would wait for the sunny days to go fetch our collection of sugar from the sap that these trees produce.  Then we would boil it down until it becomes the delicious brown liquid that makes anyone’s mouth water in delight.

This year, as we celebrate the arrival of Spring, and are enjoying the longer, warmer days, it makes me miss my tree tapping days.  But I love how nature mimics our lives as humans.  We too have a sweet core, just like the Maple trees.  We too need to be tapped into to truly enjoy our sweet souls.

With many of us, we only see people’s exterior, just like we only see the tree’s exterior and aren’t exposed to the sweet nectar that is inside each and every one of us.  Sometimes we judge people by their appearance, what they may say to us or how they may act.  Often times we form impressions of people from what other people may tell us about them.

On many occasions we form assumptions on why people act the way they act or do the things they do.  We can’t “tap” into humans like we can a tree.  We can’t see how people are feeling, or understand why people are acting the way they are.  All we have to remember is that, just like a tree, we all have a very sugar and sweet inside…we all have a sweet soul.  Even if most people can’t see it.  It is there.  Maybe it only comes out in the spring, with the sun shining on them, but it is there and we shouldn’t judge or condemn anyone for their behavior.  They are being the best they know how to be for the time and situation of their lives.

As hard as it is to find the sweet “sappy” souls in some people, I would love for you all to try.  We are all created equal, and I truly believe we are all good people, even if some of us hide our sugary souls really well.  I’m trying hard to “tap” into everyone and understand that not everyone has the same amount of sap inside of them.  Some of us may have a litre of sap and other of us may have 10 litres of sap inside of us.  Not every tree will give you the same amount of sap.  Some trees are tapped out some years.

I’m especially trying hard not to gossip about people and their sap. I’m reading a good book by Alberto Villoldo called “Illumination Process” and he really opened my eyes about gossiping.  He says, “We all love to be on the inside track of the latest bit of gossip but be mindful: even listening to gossip is participating in an act of violence against the person you are hearing about.”

Wow!  When I read that, it really stopped me in my tracks.  I’ve been trying hard to get rid of this part of my life, to free myself from this karmic wheel, but when he put it this way, I really have to go back to the drawing board.

I love the quote from Buddha, “Gossip dies when it hits a wise person’s ears.”  I want to be that wise person!  I want to remind myself that we can’t “tap” into anyone, and we don’t know what is going on, on the inside of other people, nor should we think or assume we know.  All we have to know is, that there is pure sweetness deep inside the core and soul of every human being.

If only we could “tap” into people and taste everyone’s inner sweetness, then we could understand people better.  Sadly, this isn’t at all possible, but the way we act towards people, is something we can all tap into.  My rule of thumb is another quote from Buddha, “If you propose to speak always ask yourself: is it true, is it necessary, is it kind.”  This way, you will only “tap” into the pure sweet center of yourself and show the world, the sweet, amazing nectar that lives inside of you!


Emotional Salmonella

March Break is over, and a week later, my son is still feeling the effects of it.  As wonderful as Mexico was, it wasn’t very wonderful for him.  He contracted salmonella while he was there.  Two days before we had to leave he started experiencing the symptoms and they haven’t let up since.

Thank goodness for Canadian health care!  As soon as we got home, we immediately went to the emergency room where they swiftly put him in an isolation room and did many tests, one being for salmonella.  Sadly there isn’t much they can do for him, but one of the big things they told us to do was to stop administering Immodium and Gravol.  They explained how taking these drugs would just suppresses the poison in his body.  The vomiting and diarrhea were a means of cleansing his body and for him to get better, he needs this cleansing to take place.

As I was dealing with this with my son, and meditating with one of my friends one night, it hit me.  This is exactly what we do with our own emotions.  We suppress them deep inside of us, and don’t let their poisonous effects come out.  We bury them deep inside and pretend all is well.

Then, after so much suppression, we find ourselves experiencing the symptoms of our own emotional poisoning, just like salmonella, only this poison is much harder to get out of our systems.  The doctor warned us that it might take our son 10-14 days to get better, but with emotional salmonella, it might take months or even years to return to our body’s normal state.

What strikes me funny is with salmonella, the doctor advised us to let the body flush it’s toxins out naturally and not to use any anti-nausea or anti-diarrhea medication, but when people have emotional salmonella, the doctors prescribe them lots of different medication to help stuff down and ignore the root of their problem.

You go to your doctor and explain that you are always tired, you are frustrated easily, you have trouble sleeping or all you want to do is sleep, you have weird pains that you never had, your appetite has changed, you don’t care about things that you used to, you just want to be alone, you have a hard time concentrating, you are hard on yourself, you feel numb, and can even have thoughts of dying.  What does your doctor do?  Prescribes you sleeping pills, anti-depressants, or other drugs to mask your poisoned body.

If people would just understand the power of meditation.  It is the body’s natural emotional flushing system.  It’s your body’s way of getting all the poison that has built up over years and years of suppressing negativity.  We even suppress things we don’t even realize we are suppressing.  We bury things subconsciously.  You might not realize that a situation bothered you until you are meditating and your replay the situation, and then learn how much it really bothered you.

You won’t get the instant relief that the drugs will give you through meditation, but just like giving my son Gravol to make him feel better, it is just keeping the poison in his system.  I’m not saying to stop using what the doctor has prescribed for the symptoms of emotional salmonella, I just want to encourage people to start and use meditation as a way of getting to the root of their poisoning, and then maybe they can stop using their medication.

As a parent, I would do whatever it takes to get my children healed from a sickness.  That is why I am teaching them to meditate at a young age, and other emotional and spiritual techniques to help them deal with life here on Earth.  Mental illness is nothing to ignore and should be taken seriously.  We all need strategies on how to deal with all the poisons that we are in contact with on a daily basis.

Yogi Bhajan says it nicely, “Meditation is a duty toward the self.  The moment you become aware of the self, you become beautiful to self because the moment you concentrate on self, your frequency changes and the universe around you changes also.  This is a cosmic law.”

We all should start concentrating on our self through meditation and have ourselves become totally cleansed and have the universe around us change.

Our son was the only one of the four of us that got sick, and we probably all could have come in contact with dangerous poisons as well, but the other three of us might have already had antibodies in our systems to fight off this poison.  We had the physical strategies to help deal with these poisons.  My wish is that everyone would start putting some mental strategies in a tool box to carry with them on a daily basis to fight off this emotional salmonella.

Life is too precious to have poison in our subconscious minds.  Try taking the meditational cleanse and see if the universe around you changes.  It is worth a shot!


Ready to be Ready

Social media is such a wonderful thing!  I love how it keeps us in touch with everyone from all around the world at the click of a button. Especially those people that we love dearly, but are not in your community.  It’s nice hearing from people that are miles away when you post something to your page.

Lately, I shared a post from Ayurveda by Curejoy about the bitter truth behind your sweet tooth where it talked about how dangerously addictive sugar is and what it is doing to the brain.  I shared this post out of a new-found life change that I had myself.  I’ve quit sugar for nine weeks, and by sharing this post I thought I might inspire others to take the same journey as myself.  Or at the very least plant the seed about the effects of sugar on our body.

I’m sure my local friends are sick of me promoting this new diet that I am on, but one of my friends that I haven’t seen for a very long time, but knew me very well, posted a comment on the post I shared saying, “Your body was made of sugar?”  I really had to chuckle when she posted this because if anyone knew me, they knew chocolate bars and sugary candy was 50% of my daily nutritional intake.  I didn’t go anywhere without it.  Even as I sit at my desk typing this, I still have two left over Icy Squares just sitting here waiting to be enjoyed.  However, I can honestly say, even though they sit here…every day…I have no desire to ever put them in my mouth.

People change.  If they want to.  I guess, I have always been one of these people that enjoy a challenge and a commitment.  Maybe it comes from my ten years of being a gymnast.  Setting goals, achieving them and then setting new goals to concur again.  I just love setting goals and seeing them come to past.

I thought of quitting sugar a year and a half ago.  I bought all the stuff, but I just wasn’t ready.  I didn’t even try.  Why start to fail if you know you aren’t ready yet.  People have to be ready to be ready to take on a challenge and successfully accomplish their goals.

This is much the same as spirituality.  You have to be ready to start and open your mind up to new thoughts and ideas.  Get rid of the brainwashing that has happened in your life since childhood.  This is largely why I quit sugar.  I want to become deeper in my spiritual quest.  Get rid of my brain fog that sugar so radically does to you, hoping that this will make for deeper meditation sessions.

I just wish people would understand the change in your life when you become spiritual.  I feel, that sadly, religion has ruined so many people.  Religion keeps people in such a box.  Labeling themselves.  Judging others from their own beliefs of what is right and wrong.  I just wish people would get rid of religion and focus on what is important.  The RELATIONSHIP with the Divine.

We all can fudge a religion.  Pretend to be religious.  Walk the walk, but not talk the talk.  You can’t fudge a relationship.  What is in your heart will come out in the end.  Spirituality will change a person.  Once you are ready to make small changes in your life, these changes will just keep snowballing until you look back and realize just how much you really did change.

I love what Alberto Villoldo put in his book, “One Spirit Medicine” (which is a great read if you want to start changing your body from the inside out), “Spirit is a vast and invisible energy field that we join with to dream the world into being.  It is not a deity with human whims, moods, jealousies, and temper tantrums like the Greeks and Roman gods.  Spirit does not ask you to sacrifice your firstborn child, or slay infidels, or destroy cities when their citizens have lost their way.  Spirit is the creative matrix that keeps life in the cosmos evolving and renewing itself.”

Maybe if people start seeing spirit this way, they might be ready to open themselves up to learning more and becoming more spiritual.  We are all one and spirit is always present inside each and every one of us.  We are inseparable.  It is your ego that thinks you are the center of the universe.  Your spirit knows you are one with everything.  You just have to eliminate this obsession with your “I” to be able to see this.

Just like my elimination of sugar to help me meditate more clearly, if you eliminate your obsession and your addiction to your “I” your world will open up to infinite possibilities that you never knew existed.  Give it a try.  Try looking past your religion and the box it keeps you in.  Focus on the relationship inside yourself.  I challenge you to an eight week challenge of eliminating your “I” and see if your start to understand this incredible universal spirit that lives in each and every one of us!  Just remember…you have to be ready to be ready!  A relationship is much stronger than any religion!


Airline Arrogance

First of March already!  How awesome is that!  I’m even more excited to spend a week basking in the radiant rays of the sun while lying on the beach in Mexico!  My body is craving that vitamin D, and who doesn’t need white sand and aqua water in their view.  It’s an automatic pick me up!

Our family and a bunch of others are going to fly Air Canada to enjoy the sights and sound of Mexico for seven sweet, sunny days!  We could have chosen a variety of ways of getting to Mexico.  Sunwing has flights.  So does Airtransat, and those are just a few of the options we were presented with when doing our research on flights.  Not to mention that if we lived in another part of the world, I am sure there are other airlines that land in Mexico on a daily or weekly basis.

As I was going through my flight itinerary it got me thinking.  Just like we choose Air Canada as our means of getting to our amazing tropical destination, there are many ways to choose to get to your spiritual destination as well.  Some people might fly Air Buddha, others may choose Christian Airlines and others may want to go Hindu Airways or even Shaman Air.

I recently participated in this Indigenous Blanket activity as a professional learning opportunity at my school.  Was it ever powerful!!!  Another way of making this point.  The Europeans came to Canada and not only invaded the natives’ land, over time they also made it illegal for them to participate in their own spiritual rituals.  They stole their souls and forced Christianity upon them.  The Europeans made it so they could get arrested if they were found celebrating their spirituality or participating in Pow Wows.  WOW!

What is even more mystifying to me is that through my recent studies on the Shamans and their methods of spiritually connecting to the Divine, many of the Canadian Indigenous traditions and rituals align almost perfectly with that of the Shamans from the Amazon Rainforest.  Isn’t that unreal?

Approximately ten thousand kilometers separate these two places…yet…they still have very similar ancient traditions when it comes to spirituality and celebrating their Mother Earth and Father Sky.  They both have such respect for the earth and all that it provides for a human’s soul.  Isn’t that incredible?  Why do you think that is?  Could it be that this was the means that the Creator wanted them to communicate with him and the exact airline that he wanted them to take to get to their final destination?

Whatever airline, form of spiritually connecting to our Creator or religion you choose, it is all taking you to the exact same place.  The afterlife.  We are all balls of energy that come into this world and borrow a human body for our stay and then exit the human being when our trip is over.  How we treat people, how behave on our trips determines what kind of vacation we will have and what kind of resort we will stay at.

Whether we take American Airlines, British Airways, Air Asia or Finnair, we are all going to go to the same place.  Right back to the ball of energy that we are and return to our Mother Earth and Father Sky.

I like this quote from one of my favorite Gurus, Yogi Bjahan, “The secret of knowledge is to talk about the God and not about your God.  If you will talk about the God and not your God the whole world will be with you.”

All airlines are really just a bunch of airplanes.  They still are all the same.  You can label it your airline, but it is still an airplane getting you to the same place.  The quicker we learn this the quicker we will all live in harmony and be one happy, peaceful earth.

Let go of your need to think your airline is the only way to fly.  They are all great airlines.  Just do your own research and see which one is right for your travel plans, and let other people travel any other way they would like.  Judging airlines is as silly as judging spiritual practices.  Just have a great trip and enjoy the flight!

Happy March Break Everyone!