Airline Arrogance

First of March already!  How awesome is that!  I’m even more excited to spend a week basking in the radiant rays of the sun while lying on the beach in Mexico!  My body is craving that vitamin D, and who doesn’t need white sand and aqua water in their view.  It’s an automatic pick me up!

Our family and a bunch of others are going to fly Air Canada to enjoy the sights and sound of Mexico for seven sweet, sunny days!  We could have chosen a variety of ways of getting to Mexico.  Sunwing has flights.  So does Airtransat, and those are just a few of the options we were presented with when doing our research on flights.  Not to mention that if we lived in another part of the world, I am sure there are other airlines that land in Mexico on a daily or weekly basis.

As I was going through my flight itinerary it got me thinking.  Just like we choose Air Canada as our means of getting to our amazing tropical destination, there are many ways to choose to get to your spiritual destination as well.  Some people might fly Air Buddha, others may choose Christian Airlines and others may want to go Hindu Airways or even Shaman Air.

I recently participated in this Indigenous Blanket activity as a professional learning opportunity at my school.  Was it ever powerful!!!  Another way of making this point.  The Europeans came to Canada and not only invaded the natives’ land, over time they also made it illegal for them to participate in their own spiritual rituals.  They stole their souls and forced Christianity upon them.  The Europeans made it so they could get arrested if they were found celebrating their spirituality or participating in Pow Wows.  WOW!

What is even more mystifying to me is that through my recent studies on the Shamans and their methods of spiritually connecting to the Divine, many of the Canadian Indigenous traditions and rituals align almost perfectly with that of the Shamans from the Amazon Rainforest.  Isn’t that unreal?

Approximately ten thousand kilometers separate these two places…yet…they still have very similar ancient traditions when it comes to spirituality and celebrating their Mother Earth and Father Sky.  They both have such respect for the earth and all that it provides for a human’s soul.  Isn’t that incredible?  Why do you think that is?  Could it be that this was the means that the Creator wanted them to communicate with him and the exact airline that he wanted them to take to get to their final destination?

Whatever airline, form of spiritually connecting to our Creator or religion you choose, it is all taking you to the exact same place.  The afterlife.  We are all balls of energy that come into this world and borrow a human body for our stay and then exit the human being when our trip is over.  How we treat people, how behave on our trips determines what kind of vacation we will have and what kind of resort we will stay at.

Whether we take American Airlines, British Airways, Air Asia or Finnair, we are all going to go to the same place.  Right back to the ball of energy that we are and return to our Mother Earth and Father Sky.

I like this quote from one of my favorite Gurus, Yogi Bjahan, “The secret of knowledge is to talk about the God and not about your God.  If you will talk about the God and not your God the whole world will be with you.”

All airlines are really just a bunch of airplanes.  They still are all the same.  You can label it your airline, but it is still an airplane getting you to the same place.  The quicker we learn this the quicker we will all live in harmony and be one happy, peaceful earth.

Let go of your need to think your airline is the only way to fly.  They are all great airlines.  Just do your own research and see which one is right for your travel plans, and let other people travel any other way they would like.  Judging airlines is as silly as judging spiritual practices.  Just have a great trip and enjoy the flight!

Happy March Break Everyone!