Ready to be Ready

Social media is such a wonderful thing!  I love how it keeps us in touch with everyone from all around the world at the click of a button. Especially those people that we love dearly, but are not in your community.  It’s nice hearing from people that are miles away when you post something to your page.

Lately, I shared a post from Ayurveda by Curejoy about the bitter truth behind your sweet tooth where it talked about how dangerously addictive sugar is and what it is doing to the brain.  I shared this post out of a new-found life change that I had myself.  I’ve quit sugar for nine weeks, and by sharing this post I thought I might inspire others to take the same journey as myself.  Or at the very least plant the seed about the effects of sugar on our body.

I’m sure my local friends are sick of me promoting this new diet that I am on, but one of my friends that I haven’t seen for a very long time, but knew me very well, posted a comment on the post I shared saying, “Your body was made of sugar?”  I really had to chuckle when she posted this because if anyone knew me, they knew chocolate bars and sugary candy was 50% of my daily nutritional intake.  I didn’t go anywhere without it.  Even as I sit at my desk typing this, I still have two left over Icy Squares just sitting here waiting to be enjoyed.  However, I can honestly say, even though they sit here…every day…I have no desire to ever put them in my mouth.

People change.  If they want to.  I guess, I have always been one of these people that enjoy a challenge and a commitment.  Maybe it comes from my ten years of being a gymnast.  Setting goals, achieving them and then setting new goals to concur again.  I just love setting goals and seeing them come to past.

I thought of quitting sugar a year and a half ago.  I bought all the stuff, but I just wasn’t ready.  I didn’t even try.  Why start to fail if you know you aren’t ready yet.  People have to be ready to be ready to take on a challenge and successfully accomplish their goals.

This is much the same as spirituality.  You have to be ready to start and open your mind up to new thoughts and ideas.  Get rid of the brainwashing that has happened in your life since childhood.  This is largely why I quit sugar.  I want to become deeper in my spiritual quest.  Get rid of my brain fog that sugar so radically does to you, hoping that this will make for deeper meditation sessions.

I just wish people would understand the change in your life when you become spiritual.  I feel, that sadly, religion has ruined so many people.  Religion keeps people in such a box.  Labeling themselves.  Judging others from their own beliefs of what is right and wrong.  I just wish people would get rid of religion and focus on what is important.  The RELATIONSHIP with the Divine.

We all can fudge a religion.  Pretend to be religious.  Walk the walk, but not talk the talk.  You can’t fudge a relationship.  What is in your heart will come out in the end.  Spirituality will change a person.  Once you are ready to make small changes in your life, these changes will just keep snowballing until you look back and realize just how much you really did change.

I love what Alberto Villoldo put in his book, “One Spirit Medicine” (which is a great read if you want to start changing your body from the inside out), “Spirit is a vast and invisible energy field that we join with to dream the world into being.  It is not a deity with human whims, moods, jealousies, and temper tantrums like the Greeks and Roman gods.  Spirit does not ask you to sacrifice your firstborn child, or slay infidels, or destroy cities when their citizens have lost their way.  Spirit is the creative matrix that keeps life in the cosmos evolving and renewing itself.”

Maybe if people start seeing spirit this way, they might be ready to open themselves up to learning more and becoming more spiritual.  We are all one and spirit is always present inside each and every one of us.  We are inseparable.  It is your ego that thinks you are the center of the universe.  Your spirit knows you are one with everything.  You just have to eliminate this obsession with your “I” to be able to see this.

Just like my elimination of sugar to help me meditate more clearly, if you eliminate your obsession and your addiction to your “I” your world will open up to infinite possibilities that you never knew existed.  Give it a try.  Try looking past your religion and the box it keeps you in.  Focus on the relationship inside yourself.  I challenge you to an eight week challenge of eliminating your “I” and see if your start to understand this incredible universal spirit that lives in each and every one of us!  Just remember…you have to be ready to be ready!  A relationship is much stronger than any religion!