Emotional Salmonella

March Break is over, and a week later, my son is still feeling the effects of it.  As wonderful as Mexico was, it wasn’t very wonderful for him.  He contracted salmonella while he was there.  Two days before we had to leave he started experiencing the symptoms and they haven’t let up since.

Thank goodness for Canadian health care!  As soon as we got home, we immediately went to the emergency room where they swiftly put him in an isolation room and did many tests, one being for salmonella.  Sadly there isn’t much they can do for him, but one of the big things they told us to do was to stop administering Immodium and Gravol.  They explained how taking these drugs would just suppresses the poison in his body.  The vomiting and diarrhea were a means of cleansing his body and for him to get better, he needs this cleansing to take place.

As I was dealing with this with my son, and meditating with one of my friends one night, it hit me.  This is exactly what we do with our own emotions.  We suppress them deep inside of us, and don’t let their poisonous effects come out.  We bury them deep inside and pretend all is well.

Then, after so much suppression, we find ourselves experiencing the symptoms of our own emotional poisoning, just like salmonella, only this poison is much harder to get out of our systems.  The doctor warned us that it might take our son 10-14 days to get better, but with emotional salmonella, it might take months or even years to return to our body’s normal state.

What strikes me funny is with salmonella, the doctor advised us to let the body flush it’s toxins out naturally and not to use any anti-nausea or anti-diarrhea medication, but when people have emotional salmonella, the doctors prescribe them lots of different medication to help stuff down and ignore the root of their problem.

You go to your doctor and explain that you are always tired, you are frustrated easily, you have trouble sleeping or all you want to do is sleep, you have weird pains that you never had, your appetite has changed, you don’t care about things that you used to, you just want to be alone, you have a hard time concentrating, you are hard on yourself, you feel numb, and can even have thoughts of dying.  What does your doctor do?  Prescribes you sleeping pills, anti-depressants, or other drugs to mask your poisoned body.

If people would just understand the power of meditation.  It is the body’s natural emotional flushing system.  It’s your body’s way of getting all the poison that has built up over years and years of suppressing negativity.  We even suppress things we don’t even realize we are suppressing.  We bury things subconsciously.  You might not realize that a situation bothered you until you are meditating and your replay the situation, and then learn how much it really bothered you.

You won’t get the instant relief that the drugs will give you through meditation, but just like giving my son Gravol to make him feel better, it is just keeping the poison in his system.  I’m not saying to stop using what the doctor has prescribed for the symptoms of emotional salmonella, I just want to encourage people to start and use meditation as a way of getting to the root of their poisoning, and then maybe they can stop using their medication.

As a parent, I would do whatever it takes to get my children healed from a sickness.  That is why I am teaching them to meditate at a young age, and other emotional and spiritual techniques to help them deal with life here on Earth.  Mental illness is nothing to ignore and should be taken seriously.  We all need strategies on how to deal with all the poisons that we are in contact with on a daily basis.

Yogi Bhajan says it nicely, “Meditation is a duty toward the self.  The moment you become aware of the self, you become beautiful to self because the moment you concentrate on self, your frequency changes and the universe around you changes also.  This is a cosmic law.”

We all should start concentrating on our self through meditation and have ourselves become totally cleansed and have the universe around us change.

Our son was the only one of the four of us that got sick, and we probably all could have come in contact with dangerous poisons as well, but the other three of us might have already had antibodies in our systems to fight off this poison.  We had the physical strategies to help deal with these poisons.  My wish is that everyone would start putting some mental strategies in a tool box to carry with them on a daily basis to fight off this emotional salmonella.

Life is too precious to have poison in our subconscious minds.  Try taking the meditational cleanse and see if the universe around you changes.  It is worth a shot!