Personal Crucifixion

Being Easter weekend, it is hard not to reflect on the crucifixion of Jesus Christ…even if you aren’t religious or a believer.  If you know of, or ever read any of Gary Habermas’ books, he clearly and thoroughly points out that they have pure scientific evidence to support this historic event.  It is inarguable.  Whether we want to believe that Jesus Christ is the “son of God” or not, that is totally up to you, but we can’t fight this scientific evidence.

Looking at this sacrifice and hurt that this man went through, many of our lives reflect much of the same hurt and pain.  Maybe not to this degree, but some people would give him a run for his money.  How many of us have sacrificed ourselves for others?  How many of us have been cheated on?  How many of us have been lied to?  How many of us have been hurt by someone’s selfish deeds?  How many of us have been blamed for something that we never did?  How many of us have had to endure innocent suffering?

I know I sure have done all of these things to other people, and other people have done all of this to me.  It seems to be the way the world works.  As I get older, now I am watching my own children’s suffering for things that should have never happened to them.  It breaks my heart to see innocent people so affected by other people’s decisions.  Think about divorce.  How many innocent people are affected by this decision that is made by one or two people?  It affects so many people, but still people decide to go through this in their lifetimes, and so be it.  That is their walk.  No judgment.  Cancer…how many of us have innocently lost a loved one through this horrible disease?  This is not a choice, but it is devastating and affects many people all in the same.  Life just doesn’t seem fair.

As I try and learn how to become a better person, and transcend my ego, I am learning many great things that I want to share with you!  It makes life easier to understand.  Much of my reading and learning lately is really lining up.  I’m beginning to understand why I HAD to hurt people on my life’s journey.  I finally realize why the people that I love sometimes HAD to hurt me.  I’m even sympathetic to the people who are hurting my innocent children.  It’s all in our journeys to enlightenment.  We have to go through these pains to get to where we are meant to be.

I was looking at buying a book by Amorah Quan Yin, and before I ever buy a new author, I always search them on YouTube and see if there are any documentaries or videos of their talks that I can watch ensuring that our frequencies match.  Once I searched Amorah, the first video that popped up was, “Learning to Transcend Ego”.  Immediately, I knew I had to watch it.  This is my New Year’s Resolution and I am still hot on the hunt for information to diminish the negative ego in me.

She started talking about being hurt by others.  How we can’t take it personal.  We are all here on Earth for our spiritual journey (whether we want to admit it or not), and some of us are more enlightened than others.  She explained that if you have ever been lied to, betrayed, cheated on, or hurt in other ways by others, you should never take it personal.  The person that lied, betrayed or cheated on you, would have performed this negative act on anyone, not just you.  It was something this person has to go through to grow and become the person they were meant to be…and sadly, you were the person in the cross fire, so to speak.

If we see someone doing something we don’t like, we automatically go into judgment, which isn’t our place to judge.  Trust me, I know it’s hard!  When someone threatens to hurt your child, it is hard not to go into judgment, but it is possible.  I am learning, that I CAN stop these types of judgment.  I can release this negativity from me, because it is my negative ego that judges, that wants revenge, that gets upset and angry.  It is my negative ego that doesn’t even want to try and understand circumstances that might have made someone act this way.  When I take my ego out of the equation that is when I realize that this is the journey that this person has to take to grow and become more enlightened in this world.  My child just was caught in the drama of it all.  It could have been anyone.

Amorah gives the example of a spouse cheating on another spouse.  It is something this person needed to go through and they would have cheated no matter who they were married to, it is what they needed to do to grow as a human being and the other spouse shouldn’t take it personally.

These are just two examples to try and get my point across.  It’s hard to wrap your brain around…I know!  But, when you look at it from a non-negative ego perspective, it is easy to see the truth in it.  Just like Jesus’ crucifixion.  This was not what he should have had to endure, but it was his soul’s journey.  It was well planned out in advance.  Do you remember those last famous words he muttered while he was dying on the cross?  “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do” (Luke 23:24).

Even at the end of his life, he was not judging.  There was no anger.  Nothing but love.  That is what we have to try hard to model.  This endless love.  This non-judgement.  This non-attachment.  This non-resistance.  Just realize that everything (good and bad) happens for a reason.  You might not understand, but it is.  You don’t have to make sense out of it.  You don’t have to like it.  You just have to try your hardest to stop the judgment.  Stop the attachment.  Stop the resistance.  Just realize, this is your walk and this is the other person’s walk.  The soul’s journey.  It’s what we need to transform.

Every circumstance has a purpose for both people involved.  You have to just try and grow from all your experiences.  Good or bad.  As the old saying goes, “Good times become good memories.  Bad times become good lessons.”