Top 10 Wise Old Men

I have a weird confession to make.  For some strange reason, I absolutely love old men!  I know it sounds bizarre, but I totally understand where it has stemmed from.  I had the cutest grandfather in the entire universe!  Ever since I was born, I was so in love with this man. He had the softest disposition, yet put on a hard-core façade.  Deep down, however, I knew he was a teddy bear with a huge heart.

He only had a grade three education.  Born in 1911 he didn’t have the opportunities that we have today, and he decided to quit school and start making money for his family.  Even though he only had a grade three education, this man was a very wise man, and I could sit and listen to him for hours.  I loved how deep he was and how life’s troubles were never troubles to him.  He felt that we had to go through suffering to be better people, and this is something that I admired about him.  He lived through stomach cancer and other ailments that just mystified me, yet, never did I ever hear him complain of his upsets.

It wasn’t until lately that I really noticed how my crazy attraction to these wise old men was, and how I continued this obsession with my grandfather right into my 40s which is decades after his passing.  All I seem to read and watch are books, documentaries or YouTube channels about old men and their wisdom.  I have my top 10 list for sure, which I am pleased to share with you.

My favorite old man that I am obsessed with would have to be Emanuel Swedenborg.  This man was fascinating and has changed my life as a person and a Christian!  Through his spiritual experiences, or Near Death Experiences he has brought back tons of information to make the Bible make sense.  Born in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1688 this man was a total genius.  Check him out online at Swedenborg Foundation or their YouTube channel Off the Left Eye.  His teachings are eye-opening to say the least.  You can download his books for free off his website, so why not give it a read?

Secondly, a man who I hold dear to my heart who passed away three years ago is Dr. Wayne Dyer.  I love him and his teachings!  He is really the man who introduced me to many of the other old wise men that I am in love with!  Through Wayne’s love for spiritual teachings he exposed me to many of my favorite old men.

Which leads me to my third absolute favorite old man of all time, Lao Tzu!  This ancient Chinese philosopher, born in the 5th-6th century BCE wrote the Tao Te Ching.  This man was simply brilliant!  A true mystique.  I recommend you reading the Tao.  It’s only 81 verses of pure genius that is still important to apply to our lives today.  Also, a great read is Dr. Dyer’s book on “Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life:  Living the Wisdom of the Tao.”  I actually just order it today to give to a friend of mine.  One of my must-have books in any library!

Another recommendation from Wayne, who is also an incredible wise old man is Peter Deunov, a Bulgarian philosopher born in 1864 who was an inspired teacher of the Perennial Wisdom.  He is also the man that Albert Einstein said this about, “The whole world bows down before me; I bow down before the Master Peter Deunov.”  That is how amazing this man is!  Definitely a man worth looking into if you enjoy this kind of teachings.

Also referred for me to read from Dr. Dyer was Saint Germain and the teachings from Guy Ballard who received Saint Germain’s teachings while climbing a mountain in California.  He has a series of books that are must-reads!

I can’t forget Sadhguru.  Number six on my list, this man’s real name is Jaggi Vasudev, but he now goes by Sadhguru.  Finally a man who is still alive! Born in 1957 he is probably the youngest of my favorite old men.  I love to watch him on Youtube.  He’s entertaining and uplifting.  His spiritual talks hit home with me, and I recommend you giving him some of your attention if you have the time.

My seventh favorite wise old man is Deepak Chopra.  Born in 1947 in New Deli, India, this man is brilliant in his field.  I’m sure you’ve heard of him, since him and Oprah are very close and have done many programs together on her Soul Sunday show.  If you don’t know who he is, check him out on You Tube, or I recommend his book, “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”.  This is a book I keep on my bedside table to read a bit daily!

Lately, I’ve become obsessed with the Pakistani, Yogi Bhajan who is number eight on my list.  Born in 1929, this was the man that brought Kundalini Yoga to the Western world.  If you haven’t tried Kundalini yoga, I highly recommend it.  It’s the most incredible exercise I have ever participated in, and I have tried many things in my time.  It just totally connects my mind, body and spirit in a way that is indescribable for worlds.  It is definitely the most out-there activity I’ve ever done, but the final product is amazing.

Another new favorite, who is ranked number nine on my list, is a native of Cuba, born in 1949, Alberto Villoldo.  I’m now on book number three of his, and what has drawn me to him is his knowledge in the Shamanic world.  I am very interested in the Shaman’s way of life and how they are so in touch with nature and their souls.  His books combines ancient Shamanic wisdom teachings with cutting-edge practices in nutrition, biology and neuroscience.  This man lived in the Andes and the Amazon for 25 years, experiencing and learning the way of the Shamans.  He is definitely worth checking out!

Last but not least on my list of favorite old men is Thich Nhat Hanh.  Born in 1929, this 91 year old Vietnam Buddhist monk is still strong in his field of teaching and is a man that everyone must be introduced to.  He has written over 100 books and even though I’ve only read 10 of the 100, I will read them all as part of my Bucket List.  He is more than intriguing and wiser than anyone can imagine.

I know that was my top ten men, but I can’t leave out the 13th century Persian poet, Rumi.  I love his poetry!  He has many great pieces, but the favorite quote of all time would have to be, “I looked in temples, churches, and mosques. But I found the Divine within my heart.”  This sums up my feelings to a tea.  Check out his work too, I promise he will touch your soul.

Hopefully this list of my top 11 wise old men can help guide you into some reading material to help you kick off your Spring reading material.  If loving my grandfather was the stepping stone for leading me to admire these incredible eleven men, then I think my obsession with old men have been beneficial for my life.  Without them I might be a lost soul, but through their teaching, I feel I’m a better person.  If I can inspire one person to open their minds up to any of these wise men’s work, I will feel accomplished.  Take time today to Google just one of them.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!