Squirrely Happiness?

I love childhood memories, and the way it shapes you into who you eventually are!  I’ve always loved feeding the birds and throwing out scraps for them since I was young and my grandmother would have a pot of scraps every day to throw out.  It was part of my childhood growing up and it is something that I continued as I moved onto my own independent routine.

My husband, however, who never grew up this way—or in the country—has a very hard time with me feeding the wild life.  It wasn’t part of his upbringing and he is not a fan of critters.  We’ve had a mouse in our garage before, and when it was caught in the trap he waits for me to dispose of the dead body.  He just can’t handle wildlife of any sort—dead or alive.

Daily, I feed the wildlife and love watching what is attracted to the food, and who claims what.  We have the biggest fattest crow that comes.  I never noticed what a beautiful animal they really were until I saw them very up close.  I was even informed by my son that there was a fox on our back patio.  I was away that day and didn’t get to feast my eyes on such a wonderful animal, but definitely heard from both of the males in my household that we are not having a wildlife sanctuary in our back yard.  Like I listen!

We also have lots of squirrels, which are my favorite!  One baby squirrel is now the love of my life and I adore watching him.  He’s so tiny, and has so much growing to do, but can he ever take the food and store it away somewhere.  He will find a heel of a bread and just gnaw away at it until it is small enough to fit in his stubby, little outstretched arms.  Then he will hold the bread with his little fingers wrapped tightly around it and will continue to nibble around the edges until it is small enough to carry in his mouth.  Finally, he will quickly scurry with this huge piece of bread, that is actually bigger than him, somewhere into the forest.

As I watch this little creature venturing on his own at such a tiny size, fending for himself, running here and there making sure nobody takes his huge piece of bread it makes me think of how humans doing the exact same thing!  Do we sometimes take on more than we can chew?  Do we try to be the little squirrel who can’t even pick up the piece of bread but are determined that we are going to make that piece of bread our own, no matter what we have to put ourselves, or our families through in order to do it?  Are we going through life a little squirrely thinking it will make us happy?

How many of us are convinced we have super powers and try to pack our lives full from sunrise to sunset?  Most of us in today’s society do, and for what?  Is there a reward at the end of the day if we have taken our children to two birthday parties, three different sporting events, went to work for a bit, made a four course meal, and spring cleaned, then went to an adult function all evening all on our day off?  No, there isn’t.  The only reward we get is realizing that we bit off more than we can chew and our health suffers from it.  Instead of being rejuvenated at the end of our weekend, we can’t wait to get back to work for a break.

You might not realize it at the time, but eventually your body will slowly shut down.  The fatigue and emotional strain will bring on lots of different kinds of aliments.  Science is proving this, but the human egos keep trying to think they are unaffected by this stress.

You might let your ego persuade you that you HAVE to do all these things on your day off, because the ego wants you to think that you are just THAT important and the life of your family would not be worth living if it wasn’t for you micromanaging every minute of their day.  Well, that is just totally your ego talking.  You have to learn to determine what is important and what isn’t.  Our bodies can’t afford the price of this crazy lifestyle no matter how attractive it might be to your ego.

I know you are thinking, “Well, how do I slow down when I have so many responsibilities?”  This is definitely not going to be easy.  You are dealing with deeply imbedded behavior patterns that were probably implanted when you were a child and your parents did the same thing for you.  Just because that is how you were raised doesn’t make it right.  You have to make the changes for yourself and your own children so that they stop this cycle of running ragged and biting off more than they can chew.

You have to make a conscious decision to make this lifestyle change.  You have to decide that you want a different way of life.  You have to choose to let your ego stop running your household, and let your true self take over.  When we let our ego constantly make us rush, and trying to squeezing every minute of daylight we are letting it rob ourselves of our own precious vitality.  When we let go of our ego and are calm and rested with our priorities in line, we glow of strength and beauty.

Instead of being like my little baby squirrel and biting of more than you can chew, try to start feeding your soul every morning with some sort of routine to calm your ego for the day.  Sit in silence and meditate.  Read a spiritual text that talks to you.  If you start your day off squirrely, your whole day will go squirrely, but if you start your day off relaxed and tapped into your true self, your day will follow suit.

Continue your day in this manner.  Slow down at work.  Remember to ask yourself, is this important or am I just doing it to boost my ego?  At meal times, take the time to enjoy your food.  Relax over your meal.  Try to stop multi-tasking while you eat.  Your body needs that time to energize itself.  Determine what is important to be doing in your free time and don’t be scared to ask people for help.

Let go of that squirrely ego that is torturing your days.  Relax and enjoy this trip called life, and don’t let it stress you out!  As Buddha once said, “Happy are those who have overcome their egos; happy are those who have attained peace; happy are those who have found the Truth.”  Find your happiness and peace today!