Your Soul’s Woodpecker

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when the bright Spring sun starts to wake us up in the mornings?  In my opinion sunrays in the morning is more revitalizing than caffeine, but that is just me.  I adore nature and everything that comes with it.

I love Spring mornings and I especially enjoy meditating during these mornings.  There is nothing like meditating to the melody of all the different types of birds.  When they are put all together their chorus is so relaxing.  I almost find myself hypnotized by their sweet tweets, until I hear the sound of the woodpecker.  Oh!  My!  That sound pierces right through me.  It isn’t the sweet sound of the other birds.  It is more of an annoying racket than an actual sound.  It can be very disturbing and hard to take, especially when the other adorable birds aren’t around to drown them out.

Woodpeckers do not have vocal songs, and they communicate by drumming on different objects.  You may hear them pecking on hollow trees, chimneys, trash cans, or anything that will make a loud echo since this is their way of attracting their mates, and establishing their territories.

These loud, obnoxious birds are known to be the construction workers of the bird world.  They don’t make their nests from grass and sticks, instead, they hammer right into the thickest tree to hollow out the wood, and make their nests in these holes.  When you hear them hammering at a tree, that is probably them building their nests.

How many of us, have these kind of people in our lives.  People that just keep pecking away at us.  Picking apart every little thing about us, and make holes in our hearts for the way they treat us?  I’m sure I’m not the only one who has challenging people in my life!  I’m sure you all have your “Woodpeckers”.

We have to realize that these “woodpeckers” of our lives were put into our natural habitat for a reason, just like these real woodpeckers who are referred to as, “ecosystem engineers” due to their ability of creating and significantly modifying and maintaining an ecosystem.  These woodpeckers in our lives are here to help form and change our personal ecosystems so that we become better people.

Maybe instead of shutting these woodpeckers out of our lives, we should take what they are saying about us and use their critiques to become better people.  Realize that what they are saying might have some truth to it.  Don’t let them get to you, or tear you down.  Put your ego aside and just let their pecking sink into your ecosystem.  Is there something that you could change or modify in your ecosystem from their constant pecking at you?  Is there a way that you could use their bad mouthing to make you a better person?  People who really know you aren’t going to listen to the woodpeckers of the world, but we could listen to some of what they say just to reflect on and maybe grow from.

It is proven that the impact that these fine feathered friends have on their associated forests is undeniable.  They carve holes in the trees for many other animals to live and survive.  Their job is almost second to none in our forests.  Sure it might sound annoying listening to them, but when you finally realize their true importance for our ecosystem, then you can tolerate them much more.

I’m a big Marianne Williamson fan, and I love this quote, “It takes courage…to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.”  We have to learn to use wood pecking as a form of self discovery!  Let them be the construction workers of your soul!

It’s time to let your ego go, and build up a tolerance to this constant pecking, and meditation definitely helps to strengthen your mind to withstand this torture.  Put your ego aside and not be hurt personally by this wood pecking, and focus on how you can let it improve you as a person and others around you, then this sound of pecking really becomes a blessing.  Just like the woodpecker is to the forest.  There are blessings in everything you go through, you just have to take the time to figure out what it is.