Bikini Body or Meditative Mind?

As summer hits, lots of people are on the quest for that perfect “Beach Body”.  I completely understand why!  According to the Food Research & Action Center more than two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese.  This definitely should be an area of concern and a motivation to better ourselves as humanbeings!

Thankfully, it is also reported that 77% of Americans claim to be trying to eat healthier.  That is a very encouraging number!  We are all witnesses to this growing phenomenon!  How many people do you know are on the Keto Diet?  I know many of the people in my life are, and I think it is great!  People should be caring about what they put into their body.  I just wish the world would start focusing on what they put in their mind as much as their bodies.

Many people start the Keto diet for many reasons.  Some may have diabetes in their family, and they were preventing this happening to them.  Others were trying to lower their blood pressure, and a few were just doing it to feel better about themselves.  These are all valid reasons to start looking after yourself.

On a different note, did you know anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness, affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older, or 18.1% of the population every year?  This is a crazier statistic than obesity!  Why aren’t we focusing on this instead of our body weight?  I am positive, that if we dealt with our anxiety disorder epidemic, the weight issue would dissipate!  How many people eat when they are depressed?  Eat to make them feel better.  Just eat to eat.  Food fills their gap.  If people could get control over their mind, the eating healthy part would come easily.  As your mind develops and changes, so will your life choices.

Nowadays, people are informed about the studies on how meditation can change your life!  How it can reduce stress, improve concentration, encourages a healthy lifestyle, increases happiness, increases self-love, slows aging, increases immune function, increases the gray matter in your brain, just to name a few of the benefits at the tip of this amazing meditation iceberg.

As you can see, I’m a huge promoter, and I try to influence people as much as possible.  Sadly, I always hear the excuses like: I don’t have time.  I can’t sit still long enough.  I can’t stop my mind from wondering.  I’ve tried it and it isn’t for me.  Of course it isn’t for you!  Who has time to experience all these wonderful benefits I previously mentioned?

All sarcasm aside, let me put it to you another way.  Meditation is the absolute last thing that your ego wants you to do.  Your ego wants to ruin your life.  That is why it is in us.  Its sole purpose!  To make your life a living hell!  Making these excuses not to meditate is your ego talking, not your true self.

Look back at the list of benefits of meditation I mentioned earlier.  Your ego doesn’t want you to have any of these.  It doesn’t want you happy.  It doesn’t want you to love yourself.  It wants you to age and worry about the way you look.  It doesn’t want you living a healthy lifestyle.  It wants you stressed out.  Why are people letting this part of their thought process win?  Why won’t people start looking at meditation in higher regards than diet or exercise?  It is something that should become a part of everyone’s daily routine.

I’m reading a really great book that I highly recommend to anyone interested in the science of meditation, and it is called “The Book of Secrets” by Osho.  One little sentence I read really shouted at me and I thought would fit perfect for this blog, “Change the within and the without will change!”

So many of us are caught in this crazy web of life, being spun around and around by our egos and all that it makes us think we want and need.  These are the reasons anxiety and depression is on such an up hill climb.  Everyone wants to know the key to happiness…and guess where you will find it?  Within.  Not without.  We have to let our true self talk, and how do you hear your true self?  Sit in silence.  Meditate!