Religious Buffet

Do you ever struggle with religion and what is right and what is wrong?  I have for a long time.  My argument with many of my hard-core Christian friends is there is no freaking way that Mahatma Gandhi didn’t make it to Heaven.  If Heaven is a real place, than that man deserves to be there, whether or not he believed in Jesus has no bearing on his final destiny.  His story is all inspiring for every man to emulate.

The further I dive in educating myself on the matters of the universe, the more I am finally understanding this.  I love the buffet of spirituality that is out there for us to taste.  There is an endless selection of information, and I plan on tasting it all!  I’ve read the Bible.  Verse by verse, I’ve studied the Dhammapada (collection of Buddha’s verses) conducted online by a Buddhist monk.  I’ve read the Tibetan Book of the Dead for my own personal reading pleasure.  And, I am very excited to say that I only have 40 more lessons remaining in A Course in Miracles and I will have my 365 days of the workbook section complete.  This is just a few of my reading material that I have studied over the past few years, not to mention hundreds of other books on ego, mindfulness, meditation and enlightenment.

One might say I am totally obsessed, but as Wayne Dyer recommends, I am just trying to “have a mind that is open to everything and is attached to nothing.”  He also said, “The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you know nothing about.”  I think these are very wise words, but how many of us, really educate ourselves in all area of spirituality?  This is one thing I decided I wasn’t going to be guilty of.  I still have many more books that I want to continue to read, and the Bhagavad Gita is the next on my list.

I’m sure I am not the only one that has had the question in life of how can only one religion be the only way!  I’m sure I’m not the only person thinking if Christianity is right, then Mahavira, Krishna and Buddha are wrong?  If Mahavira, Krishna and Buddha are right then Moses, Jesus and Mahammed are wrong.  All of them can’t be right!  Right?  Why not?  I am learning that this is all a matter of perception!  And in all reality…it is only your ego that needs to think they know what is right.  Nevertheless, I love educating myself on all of this!  I am also learning that if you drop your ego in the midst of this thinking and drop the thought of religion being a theory and change your thinking to religion just being a device, then there is no conflict at all.

During my research, I love when my findings line up.  I was very excited when I was listening to a pod cast of Swedenborg and Life called, “How Different Religions Coexist in Heaven” found here: because according to this eighteenth-century scientist and philosopher, he explained that all religions go to Heaven, and that there is a way in for each and every one of them.  Believe it or not, the Creator has designed an assorted religions for all different kinds of mindsets in humanity.  Like a spiritual buffet for all different palates.  Mind blowing right?

We have to realize that if we let go of the necessity of thinking only one way is the “the way”, which is a huge part of the ego, then we can taste it all.  Neither is right, neither is wrong.  What does it matter if one religion thinks we come here once and either go to Heaven or Hell, or if we have endless lives and we keep returning until we learn the ways of the world?  For many people these theories are very important and they want the answers.

I am currently reading an incredible book by Osho called, “The Book of Secrets”, and he had a great way to explain this all.  He explains that all religions were born many centuries ago in the Eastern area of the world.  Jesus, Moses and Mohammed were talking to one group of people, and Buddha, Krishna and Mahavira were talking to a totally different group of people.

Jesus, Moses and Mohammed were religions designed for poor, under educated people.  These gurus were also not educated.  For a poor man, one life is more than enough.  He doesn’t want to have to ever come back to this world, but if he knows there is hope after this life, he will act appropriately in order to get to this Promised Land called Heaven.  If you tell this type of mind he will be coming back to this world again and again, his mind just can’t handle this theory.

Buddha, Mahavir and Krishna were produced and had followers from a very rich, cultured, sophisticated and educated society.  These spiritual teachers were refined in every way, their group of followers were bored because they had everything they needed for this life time.  These gurus were talking to a rich society and Heaven was meaningless, where Jesus’ followers, Heaven was everything and very meaningful.  Buddha’s teachings were centered around freedom, and Jesus’ world would not have attracted these sorts of people.  They were already in a Heaven on Earth.

For a rich man, suffering is not his problem, it is boredom, but a poor man, a promise of pleasure waiting for him in the afterlife, is very attractive.  The rich people wanted to get off this wheel of life, and it was attractive for them to know that becoming enlightened would finally get them off this wheel.

What does this all come down to?  Different taste buds!  People are different and there are many different religions in the world to reach all diverse taste buds.  What tastes good to me, might be totally repulsive to another.  What works for me might not work for someone else.  It might not even work for my own children, and that is totally ok.  They have their own mind, their own set of taste buds and it is their job to find out what taste is appealing for them.  I will supply them with lots of different tastes for their palates or devices, but I am not putting them on a strict diet and telling them what to eat or how they have to think.  That is not my job as their parent.  We are all on our independent journeys, and we all have to recognize this.  Let other people be who they want to be, eat what they want to eat, read what they want to read, and worship what they want to worship.

If we stop taking religious theories as the only way and realize they are just devices to become better people, then Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Mahavir and Krishna are all right in their own way.  Depending on the person’s perspection.  They create different journeys for different people.  They create different techniques for different minds and they have a different tastes for different palates.  These differences aren’t to be fought over, they are to be embraced and celebrated.  It is only when your own insecurity flares that create problems, and that is all your ego needing to be right and proving its superiority.  We are all created equally, and differently, and we all should open our minds to realizing even our Divine Creator celebrated this and gave us a buffet of choices for our different taste buds of life!