Still the Chaos

First week of school over and done with.  Whef!  Now on to the second week…If you have no involvement with a school, and have no idea what goes on inside the four walls of the school during the first four days, I have to admit it’s quite chaotic.  Actually, very chaotic!

We have a huge list of important items we have to accomplish in the first week. Fire drill procedures.  Lockdown protocol.  Make sure students get on the right bus and make it home at night.  Paper work.  Classroom routines.  We don’t get to teach much curriculum during this week but we cover all the important items that they will need to have a successful school year.

I’m in my eleventh year of teaching grade 5 French as a second language.  In grade 6 my students have the option of entering the French Immersion program or continuing in the straight English program that they have been doing all along.  Every year I have the parents that ask me for my opinion if their child has the ability to be successful in the Immersion program where they will be taking every subject in the French language, and I value them asking me my opinion.

Some years, I do have parents that don’t ask for my opinion and put their child in the Immersion program, but usually these children are the ones that struggle with the program and end up coming out and transferring back to English.  If their parents had of asked me, I definitely could have given them my professional and educated guidance on whether their child would have the ability to be successful in this program.

As I’m preparing my presentation for this year’s Meet the Teacher night, a light bulb went off in my head.  How foolish are the parents not to ask me for my guidance on this big life decision for their children, but how foolish are we that don’t ask our Divine Creator for his guidance in our own big life decisions?

Do you know how many of my own big life decisions that I have made without asking in prayer or through meditation what I should do?  I would have to say the majority of my life.  Since I started meditating four years ago, what a difference it makes when I sit in silence and meditate about my life altering decisions.

The Universe is merciful and it will make our life unfold the way it was meant to unfold. The Universe also gives us the ability to have free will and form our own opinions and make our own choices.  Will your choices always align with that of your Creator?  Not necessarily.  That is why it is important to sit in silence and meditate on what you should do when you are making your choices.  Even little choices.

I love Marianne Williamson and her ability to help bring a better light on the teachings of A Course in Miracles. This was one of my favorite teachings about the power of meditation. “Meditation is power. Enter chaos from the place of internal stillness, and your stillness becomes a chaos buster.”

I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing chaos at this time of the year and I’m not the only one who has many tough decisions to make about my life, my children’s lives or my financial life, etc. Why not try sitting in silence and witnessing how this does absolutely still the chaos of your life and witness decision making become a thing of the past. When you sit in silence all the answers just come to you. As if the Universe was whispering the answers in your ear! Sit and listen for yourself. You will hear everything you need to hear!