Truth of Temptation

“Temptation is a dress rehearsal for a karmic experience of negativity.”  Just let this quote from Gary Zukav’s “The Seat of the Soul” sink into your brain for a second.  Read it over a few times.  This is what life on Earth is all about.  We come here to be put through this boot camp called Life and we have to make many decisions and experience a series of events to help us grow as people.  Including temptation!

We are all facing temptations every single day of our lives.  Some of us struggle with the temptation of drugs and alcohol.  Others are fighting temptation of food.  Much of society today is being tempted with adulterous behaviors.  Sex.  Pornography.  Money.  Lying.  Shopping.  The list could go on and on, but we all have our own temptations.  Almost like they were developed especially for us, and in all reality they were.

This is the life that our soul chose to be born into so that we could grow and become better souls.  We are faced with these vices in order to learn and grow.  I know myself, I was addicted to sugar.  It was a huge part of my life, and so was sickness.  I was riddled with allergies and severe asthma all my life.  Not only was it allergies and asthma, I would catch every little germ going.  When the H1N1 was going, I got it, even though I was vaccinated for it.  Constantly sick.  I knew that it was probably based on my sugar intake and the fact that sugar increases swelling in the body.  Finally, I decided to eliminate sugar from my diet, and what a difference.  Not only do I have more energy, I also have not been sick since.  Fall is always my worst time of the year for allergies and asthma and again, I am not experiencing any of these symptoms.

Finally, I clued in that sugar was a temptation that I had to remove from my life.  I had to find the desire inside of myself to quit this temptation.  For my own well-being.

If you look at temptation as being the Universe’s gentle way of teaching you what could happen if you let the scenario play out in real life, then, probably, you will see what harmful things could happen to you.  If you fall to temptation, then you may lose your whole world as you know it.  That is the law of the universe.  We all make decisions that we know are not good for us.  Just like me and my sugar addiction.

I realize sugar is just a little temptation compared to many other vices that others are facing, but I have other temptations that are faced with me every day as well.  Just like everyone else, I have one that has lingered in my world day in and day out for years.  It takes over my dreams by times, which is a battle of my subconscious.  Sometimes I try to distance myself from this temptation.  Do I want to give into it?  Absolutely!  Nothing would probably give me more pleasure, but I have to realize if I do give into it, then I am just giving myself permission to be irresponsible, and then harmful negative karmic actions will flood my world.

Zukav gives an example in the book that if you are experiencing a divorce than this is what your soul needed to grow and become better.  Or if you are an addict of some sort, than this is what you are to overcome to become a wiser, stronger soul.  We have choices how we see what happens to us.  We can learn from them or we can blame others and stay the same as we always were.  Totally up to us.

Take an honest look at your life, and your own temptations.  Instead of blaming others in your life for the way your life has unfolded, realize that this is the path that you had to take to let your soul grow and strengthen.  It’s not your scaring childhood that you had to endure that made your life turn out this way, it was your choices.  It wasn’t your spouse’s fault, it was your choices.  It wasn’t the person who first introduced you to alcohol, it was your choices

This is all hard to swallow, because we are brought up in a society that likes to point fingers and lay the blame on everyone else but ourselves, but we have to start looking at life this way, and realize Karma is real.  We are the only one fully in charge of our Karma, and we have to evaluate our temptations and learn from them, not feel sorry for ourselves because we have them.  Everyone does.  Remember, life is happening FOR you, not to you!  It’s time to face the truth of these temptations and see your life transform!