Leave the Leaves

I adore this time of the year.  The dazzling landscapes of all the breathtaking colors that tickle my soul.  Social media is littered with picture upon picture of families posing with these incredible backdrops.  It truly is a remarkable time of the year.  All the changes from the summer are actually refreshing.

My property is scattered with maple trees, and their vibrant red leaves pop in the contrast to all the other colors of the season.  I love when a single, bright red leaf lay solo on the walkway, it seems so endearing for some reason.  It left its secure tree and fell all by itself to this landing area.  Nobody helped it.  Nobody controlled its journey to the ground, it just ended up where it is supposed to end up.  The lone leaf waiting to see what is in store now that they left the security of their home tree.

Will it stay on my walkway for the rest of its journey?  Probably not.  It will end up being swept up by the wind and maybe find its final destination propped up against an oak tree in the forest, or maybe its final destination is in the river to float to another city.  Where it finally ends up is not for us to say, predict, or even know.  It is up to the journey of that particular leaf.  A tree just leaves its leaves in the hands of the universe and trusts that what happens is what should happen.

We all could learn from the journey of these leaves.  We could all realize that we have no real control over our journey.  We may think we have control, but really, that is just our egos feeling the need to think that we have control.  In all reality, what is going to happen to us is going to happen to us.  We can make wise choices and make our journey more pleasant, but we all have to take our own journey that is already predetermined for us.

How many of us look back on life after something that we tried to control, but it didn’t work out the way we tried to force it to go and realize that that was the best thing that could have ever happened to us?  As if it was supposed to happen.  We all can see how life plays out years later, but for some reason we have to try and strangle the life out of our own lives trying to make sure everything plays out the way our ego thinks it should.  It is our egos that can’t just trust that the universe has the best plan.

Instead of letting the winds of life take us where we should, we plaster our present lives with worry and try to figure life out to the micro-level.  This robs us of enjoying our present because we are so preoccupied with might arise or occur that our bodies become sick with worry.  Our need to control overtakes the real joys of our lives.  Our egos tend to do this.  It is obsessed with finding a way to control and problem-solve situations that we dream up in our worlds that we think need our control.  We have to be like nature and just leave the leaves.

Do you think this leaf is laying on my walkway wishing that it was still attached to that tree?  Do you think it is worried about all the poor choices it made while it was a green leaf?  Do you think that leaf is overanalyzing a relationship that went wrong?  Is that leaf devastated that they are alone on the sidewalk?  No, that leaf is letting nature take its course and leaving their past behind them, not worried about the future, just enjoying the place where it is laying in the now.

We have to start training out minds to be this way too.  Enjoying the present.  Not letting our egos strike our minds with worry of what was or what could have been.  Just leave the leaves!  I love the book “Take me to Truth, Undoing the Ego” by Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira and recommend it to anyone who is determined to tame their egos.  Chapter Seven is my favorite chapter for helping undo the ego and I want to share this quote: “The truth is that right at this very moment, problems or not, we are all right.  If we keep our focus acutely in the present moment, undefiled by ego thoughts of tomorrow or last week, we realize that we are not our problems or our life stories.  They just go on regardless.  In fact, we have no problems or needs at all in the now.  There is great Peace to be had in this place of Grace.”

We have to stop creating the problems in our world, and let the worry that ego creates blow out of our world with the winds of universe.  We have to stop thinking we can control where our leaves blow.  We have to stay in the now and just relax wherever we have been placed in this grand universal design.  Just leave the leaves.  Let life blow you were you should be.  Let your life tumble where it is directed to go.  Let all worries go and undo your ego and see how your life will change like the leaves this fall.  More beautiful than you could ever imagine!