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I live a simple, yet busy life.  I am a wife, mother of two, daughter to two incredible parents aboutmepagepicand a sister to the exact opposite of my species, but love my brother like all sisters do.  I coach my beloved sport of gymnastics, and my daughter, upwards of 15 hours a week, and my full time gig is being a fifth grade teacher at an inner city school.  I guess now, I should add to this list that I am a blogger on my spare time.

In four decades on this earth, I have went through many different stages in my life.  I was the queen of the selfish teen.  I definitely was the poster child for the know-it-all twenty year old, only to find out I knew nothing!  My thirties were definitely a growing time, trying to better myself in all aspects of my life, and now, being in my forties, I am finally realizing that I’m definitely, imperfectly perfect!  I am what I am what God made me to be, and happy with that!

A writer, I am not.  I failed writing the entire way through school, struggled to pass the writing exam to become a certified teacher, and when I found out I had to teach literacy to my fifth grade class, I cried.  I went to university to be a physical education teacher, not a literacy teacher!  I would definitely chalk it up as a weakness of mine, that is why I know it is not my words you read, but rather that of a greater power.

Stories hit me all the time, since I started my quest of becoming a better wife, and being lead back to studying God’s word on a daily basis.  I am just being obedient and sharing them with the world, which I was very reluctant to do for over two months.  I was a closet writer, sharing my stories with a very select few, but everyone of them recommended I should start a blog.

Finally, one day, when a college came to visit me in my classroom and told me she couldn’t believe my daily story, how it touched her and that she shared it with her husband, I was convinced that this is what I was meant to do.  Not only does anyone come up the stairs at my school unless they absolutely have to, I finally gave into the voice in my heart telling me the same thing.

I think it is because of my ten years of training in gymnastics that lead me on my constant pursuit of reading self-help books, but I definitely sport a library full of them.  Hopefully I can help you in some way or another.  Whether it is you realizing that we are all imperfect, or whether I help you realize that we all have done things we aren’t proud of.  What ever it is, I just hope you learn to love God, turn to the Bible for the answer to your struggles and trust our Great Creator.  It’s what he wants you to do!  Take it from me…the icon of being imperfectly perfect!



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  1. I am so proud of you! I’m going to blog to! I’m not sure what. Maybe art. You’ve inspired me! 😄


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